Blue Sapphire Stone (Neelam)

Blue Sapphire Stone (Neelam)

Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Gemstone

Blue sapphire stone is a very admirable and beautiful blue colored gemstone belonging to the corundum mineral family. It is the hardest and precious stone, it is a little bit less hard than diamond. It is also called by the name neelam in Hindi. Blue sapphire stone is known as the fastest and very effective stone.

 Blue sapphire is considered a very powerful stone among all gemstones. It has many astrological benefits, wearing it can make the wearer successful, it brings good luck, happiness and fame in life. Blue sapphire is a gemstone of Saturn planet and it is worn for protecting from malefic effect of Saturn.

It can be worn in a ring and also in a pendant. It improves bones and health and makes the mind stable of the wearer. Wearing it can help the wearer to get rid of mental stress. Neelam can’t be worn by everyone, Neelam can only be worn by people it suits and this gemstone doesn’t suit everyone

Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Gemstone
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If Blue sapphire suits you then it will give you a good result but if it doesn’t suit it will give a bad result. Those who do not suit Blue Sapphire start feeling restless. If it doesn’t suit you then it brings bad luck.

People who do not suit Blue Sapphire have nightmares and their health starts getting worse. And it is considered better to remove Blue Sapphire at such a time

Yes. It is compulsory to neelam from the body. For effective results it is compulsory and it can’t be anywhere. If it doesn’t touches the body

Yes. Blue sapphire gemstone can be worn every day. It can be worn anytime; you can wear blue sapphire all day and whole night.

Most of the time silver metal is highly recommended for wearing neelam/blue sapphire and gold is usually avoided. You can wear it on a ring or in a chain.

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