Cat’s Eye Gemstone (Lehsunia)

Cat's Eye Gemstone (Lehsunia)

natural cat's eye (lehsunia) gemstone

Cat’s eye gemstone is a semi precious gemstone also known as lehsunia in Hindi. It is found in many colors and many shades. It is the gemstone of ketu, and wears for removing the negative of rahu and ketu. Cat’s eye gemstone looks like a cat’s eye. It looks very beautiful and is worn by many people. Cat’s eye gemstone is considered a very powerful gemstone as it has many powers. Cat’s eye is beneficial in curing health diseases like paralysis, other benefits of these stones are it removes negativity and it attracts positivity.

Wearing a cat’s eye can protect from the negative effects of rahu and ketu. Rahu and ketu are the two planets. If they are at a good place then it can make your life and if they are not at a good place then it can destroy anyone’s life. When rahu and ketu attacks then cat’s eyes are suggested to wear by astrologers. You can wear it on a ring, pendant or in other jewelry. You can also wear it with hessonite garnet gemstone.

natural cat's eye (lehsunia) gemstone

Cat's Eye Gemstone Collections

Cat’s eye ring is worn in the middle finger for a more effective result. You can also wear it on a pendant or in other jewelry.  

Most of the time panchdhatu and silver are highly preferred metal. It depends on the wearer which metal they want to wear with cat’s eye gemstone.

Cat’s eye is ruled by Ketu. It protects the wearer from the negative effects of the ketu. Those people who are suffering from ketu effects are recommended to wear it.

Cat’s eye can be worn by anyone. But it is more beneficial for ketu affected people. You can wear it for astrological benefits and also for fashion.

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