Coral Gemstone (Munga)

Natural Coral Gemstone (Munga)

Natural coral (munga) gemstone jewelry

Coral is a red colored gemstone also known as Munga in Hindi. It is made under sea by marine creatures. It represents Mars in astrology and worn for good health, condition and business success. Coral is opaque in appearance and heavy in weight. Coral gemstone is ruled by planet Mars and suggested by astrologers for mars effects.

Coral comes in white orange and in red color but red coral is high in demand. Coral is considered a very good stone it had many astrological benefits. Coral can be worn in a ring or pendant or in other jewelry. Coral is suggested to wear to leaders and businessmen for effective results.

Natural coral (munga) gemstone jewelry

Coral Gemstone Collections

Italian red colored coral is best, it is more effective and it is also high in demand.

Coral gemstone is worn for Saturn planet. Whose Saturn is weak or wrongly placed and who are in their sade sati period is recommended to wear for effective result.

Prince Range of coral starts from ₹500 and ₹15,000. But its depend on the origin.

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