Emerald Stone (Panna)

Emerald gemstone: Makes you financially stable

natural and certified emerald gemstone (panna) jewelry

Emerald is a precious green colored gemstone belonging to the beryl mineral family also known as panna in Hindi. Emerald is the birthstone for May born people. It makes the wearer financially strong. Emerald is a very sensitive gemstone; its hardness in mohs scale is 5. Emerald is kept in the oil to prevent crack or damage. Emerald is a very charming gemstone along with its charming appearance it has many benefits. The best thing about this gemstone is it has the power of removing financial problems.

Emerald gemstone is ruled by mercury planet which is the planet of vaani and due to which it is suggested to wear shy people who speak less, along with it improve the communication skills of the wearer. Other benefits of the panna is it gives the mental peace from mental stress like career stress, work stress, business stress, financial problems stress or any other stress. Except its benefits it is wear for beauty or fashion because its jewellery looks very beautiful and admirable.

natural and certified emerald gemstone (panna) jewelry

Loose Emerald Gemstone Collections

Emerald has many benefits. But mainly, it is worn for financial problem. Emerald is very effective in removing financial problems and making financial state better than before.

There are many countries that provide emerald gemstone but Zambia and Colombia are the countries which provide the best quality of Emerald gemstone for effective result. Zambian and Colombian emerald gives more effective result.

Emerald is kept in the oil because it is very sensitive stone. For maintaining it surface it is kept in the oil. If it is not kept in the oil it can be crack. Preventing it from crack it is kept in the oil and this process is called oil treatment.

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