Hessonite Garnet Gemstone (Gomed)

Hessonite Garnet Gemstone (Gomed)

hessonite garnet (gomed) gemstone jewelry

Hessonite garnet is a semi –precious gemstone belongs from grossular garnet mineral family. It is deep brown in color also known as Gomed. It is worn for protecting negative effect of rahu. This stone is very beneficial for success.  Other thing that stone is worn for is overcoming from fear.

Hessonite is one of the beautiful gemstone with many benefits. This gemstone is worn by many people only for fashion and looks. Hessonite garnet is the stone of rahu. Hessonite garnet helps in get rid of mental stress, anxiety and depression. Most of the time hessonite garnet is recommended to wear by businessman, working people and students.

hessonite garnet (gomed) gemstone jewelry

Hessonite Garnet Gemstone Collections

Ruby, pearl and coral are not with hessonite garnet. It is only wear then astrologers suggest wearing it. Diamond can be worn with hessonite garnet.

Rahu Dasha is the time period when hessonite garnet are suggested to wear it gives more effective result on that period and protect from negative effect of rahu.

The main benefits of hessonite garnet are it protects from negative effect of rahu, it makes wearer strong and helps from overcome from fear. Other health benefit of hessonite garnet is it cures health disease like asthma, indigestion and anxiety.

There are many countries that provide hessonite but when it comes to quality Ceylon provides the best quality of hessonite garnet gemstone.

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