Pearl Gemstone (Moti)

Pearl Gemstone (Moti)

Natural pearl gemstone jewelry

Pearl is a beautiful white colored gemstone also known as moti in Hindi. It is made in a living organism named mollusc. It is worn for the moon planet and it is the birthstone for July people. It is the gemstone of the moon planet, it makes the moon strong in horoscopes. There are many benefits of wearing pearls, it controls anger and gives many health benefits.

According to astrology, the moon is the planet of peace. Moon controls emotions and the pearl is the gemstone of the moon, it means the pearl controls the emotions of the wearer. Those people whose Moon is not in the right place in their horoscope, they face a lot of problems in controlling their emotions. That’s why it is important to wear pearls.

Natural pearl gemstone jewelry

Pearl Gemstone Collections

It depends on the wearer, which jewellery they prefer. You can wear pearls in any jewellery like ring, pendant or any other jewellery. But if you wear it on a ring then wear it on a little finger.

It depends on the moon and Venus. Except for all these things like horoscopes and planet Taurus, Ascendants should not wear coral. They are not suitable ascendants.

Coral is considered a good gemstone for wearing pearls. Coral and Pearl give more astrological benefits together. Coral and pearl are considered the best combination of gemstones.

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