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best astrologer

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best astrologer

Astrology has a different role in spiritual life. Astrology helps to know the complications of the person by checking their horoscope, planetary positions, and constellations. Astrology predicts everything, every good incident and also every bad incident. So, before knowing your horoscope it is very important to know about your astrologer. Consulting a best astrologer can guide you the right way. Wrong astrologers can give wrong advice and lead you down the wrong way. There are many astrologer in Delhi but we have the best astrologer in Delhi. Who have worked with many clients and all are happy with their services.


In Shraddha Shree Gems, we have one of the best astrologer in Delhi, who is consulting more than thousand customers in a day. The entire clients are happy and getting solutions to their problems. All the customers availing the services of kundli reading, horoscope reading, gem recommendation, career problem, health issues, and delay in marriage and other problems, are getting the best solution of their problems. Our experienced astrologer helps to achieve what they want in their life. Our best astrologer is giving the best astrology service.

Before consulting an astrologer it is very important to know about them. How they deal with other customers, in which type of astrology they are expert. So that you can consult with the best astrologer according to your problem. Here are some of the qualities of a best astrologer.

Quality Of Best Astrologer

A best astrologer has patience so that he listens to you and behaves politely. The astrologer gives you the solution if he listens to you then explains your solutions politely, so that you can understand everything in detail. Astrologers should have knowledge of reading planetary positions and horoscopes. Wrong reading of horoscopes is not good because it can be harmful for you. Wrong reading of planetary positions can make other planets weak and harmful.

Astrologers should have a high knowledge of astrology because a wrong step can destroy everything. It is very important to check your horoscope from the astrologer because the wrong solution can lead you to ruination. Astrologers should have knowledge of the right gem recommendation. Wearing the wrong gemstone can make the planet weak and give you some negative effects. It is very important to consult a best astrologer before wearing a gemstone.

Why Gem Recommendation Is Important

Gemstones are the gift of nature which is made in the earth crust. These gemstones have an important role in astrology. Many gemstones are found inside the earth. Every gemstone has a different formation process. This gemstone helps us to get rid of our problems and makes the planet stronger in horoscopes. In some cases, planets are strong or placed in the right house but wearing gemstones can give negative effects. 

For every different problem different gemstones are used. It will be better to consult a best astrologer before wearing a gemstone because an astrologer helps you to get the perfect gemstone according to your problems.  Astrologers check the horoscope and recommend the perfect stone for you.

Importance of gemstone in astrology

These gemstones are worn for preventing the negative effect of wrongly placed planets in horoscopes. Different planets have their different gemstones. Every person faces problems in their life, some have career issues, financial issues, health issues and anger issues. Sometimes these problems happen when some planets are placed in the wrong place at horoscope. 

After checking the planetary positions in horoscopes, astrology offers the solutions of weak planets and wrongly placed planets by wearing gemstones. For different types of issues different gemstones are used. Every planet has their own gemstone and is effective for it. Some of the main 9 precious gemstones are associated with 9 planets (Including lunar nodes). Every planet has their specific quality if it is with the wrong planet or in the wrong house so it can cause a lot of harm. For preventing these harms gemstones are used in astrology.

About Our Best Astrologers

In Shraddha Shree Gems, we have. You can avail any service here like palmistry, numerology, horoscope making & reading and gem recommendation. Our astrologer has more than 10+ years experience, she is suggesting gemstones from many years. All of our clients are happy and satisfied with our services. Till now she solved many problems of her customers by helping them. She also deals with the customers who don’t know their date of birth by palmistry. She is very devoted to God, and very politely handles her customers. She listens very carefully and gives accurate solutions. Consulting her can help you to get what you want. 

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