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It is an ultimate platform of the most infamous gemstone wholesaler dedicated to upholding all its consumers’ interest and offering top-quality Certified Gemstones at an affordable price with full product specifications. We strive to educate & aware of our customers about the quality and benefits of our Gemstones. Each Gemstone is offered to customers with a Laboratory Report, which guarantees the Gemstone’s accuracy and genuineness. 

If you are looking for an authentic gemstone wholesaler with outstanding experience in this field, Shraddha Shree Gems is your one-stop-shop destination to explore a wide range of gemstones. Apart from their unbeatable uniqueness & aura, Indian Vedic Astrology also holds significance for their spiritual powers, thus extensively used for astrological benefits. It is a distinguished gemstone dealer that prides itself on its uniqueness and can create unique pieces of gemstone jewelry. These are some of the peculiar reasons it is a popular name in various gemstone wholesalers worldwide. 

One can consult our specialized and highly-proficient Gemologists or Gem experts to get knowledge about a suitable gemstone according to their stars. You can choose from exquisite, unheated sapphires and gemstones from our online platform. We have over 100,000 products available online, and every item available on our site is Guaranteed and authentic. Apart from certified natural gemstones, Vastu & Feng Shui items, this gemstone dealer endeavors to provide its customers with the most comprehensive range of gifts and lucky charms for their special occasions. It is an eminent gemstone wholesaler providing top-notch services in this field for decades now and is popularly known for its uniqueness and authenticity.

Our Story

Tradition, Dedication and Quality are three pillars of our achievement.

Our ardor and skills of gemstone production offered a vision of solidifying our behavior in the Gemstone world. It is one of the leading makers & exporters of gemstones all across the globe. In our decades’ experience, we have been honored with many esteemed awards in the gemstone industry. This gemstone wholesaler’s wide range of precious & semi-precious Gemstone provides a splendid beauty synonymous with “authenticity.”

 It represents why this online gemstone store is considered a renowned name among gemstone dealers for decades now. The Gemstones sold by us are cut and polished in our facilities with the help of cutting edge technology that allows us to set and keep up the standards for proportion, shine, size, and shape.

 It helps us raise our customers’ confidence, making them trust our brand globally by offering 100% certified gemstones & jewelry at cost-effective prices. This prominent gemstone dealer’s legacy is to create dazzling and beneficial gemstone jewelry pieces to make its customers’ experience a fruitful and memorable one. Explore the widest range of luxurious gemstones with guaranteed satisfaction for quality and precision. We endeavor to provide customers with a significant knowledge of a particular gemstone based on their astrology and stars’ behavior.

Why you should buy Gemstone from Shraddha Shree Gems

A Gemstone says a million things! Shraddha Shree Gems is the best gemstone dealer and the maker of magnificent, masterful gemstone designs that never go out of fashion. We are different because we make your shopping experience a secure, safe, and authentic one. By shopping with a certified gemstone dealer, you can mark yourself safe from any fraudulent or inappropriate transactions. Above all, we ensure our customers get the high-quality product with a guaranteed cost-effective pricing system. 

We hold a legacy in providing our customers with the best services and quality gemstones, and much more. With us, you can bring out your inner charm with the creators of unique designs in gemstones and other items. This renowned gemstone dealer believes in designing gemstones that speak for themselves. Our legacy lies in offering luxury, class, and style with real gems. Relish the joy of wearing the best and elegant jewelry that serves a great purpose in your life by enhancing your beauty and fortune. 

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There are various factors one should consider before buying a gemstone from any gemstone dealer. Some of the factors are:

  • Shape, shine and cut of the Gemstone
  • Color of the Gemstone 
  • Density, weight, and size of the Gemstone 
  • Explore which Gemstone is best for you

At Shraddha Shree Gems, we help people understand the benefits of a particular gemstone based on astrology. 

Gemstone certification is the authenticity, accuracy, and genuineness of gemstones according to their size, density, color, cut, and certain other factors. It is a certification that companies get from well-reputed Gemological Institutions and experts. 

When it comes to choosing the right Gemstone for you, the options are a bit critical. Apart from the size, color, weight, and cut, one needs to select a gemstone that best fits their stars, personality, date of birth, and zodiac.


There is, as such, no defined or set price for the gemstones. The pricing range of gemstones varies between $10 per carat upto even $10000 per carat. The cost of a particular gem depends on the unique cut, color, and various other factors.

A gemstone is the form of a stone or petrified substance that is used in jewelry when cut and polished. Each Gemstone is designed based on different astrological behaviors and zodiac of people.

Some of the most beautiful gemstones are:

  • Titanium Quartz
  • Galaxy Opal
  • Bismuth
  • Fluorite 
  • Azurite 
  • Crocoite

The most infamous and naturally rich countries that are the prominent sellers of top-quality gemstones in the world are:

  • Colombia 
  • Madagascar
  • Myanmar 
  • Sri Lanka
  • Australia


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