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Moissanite pendant for your loved ones

Moissanite is a gemstone that is almost colourless and composed of silicon carbide. Henri Moissan, a French scientist, discovered it. Moissanite looks similar to a diamond, but they are different in many ways. Moissanite gemstone is composed of pure silicon carbide. Therefore, it is less expensive than a diamond.

Moissanite pendantsย are not very expensive and look very attractive. You can get your custom-made moissanite pedant. Moissanite gem is available in various cuts like round, emerald, cushion, oval, etc. The best thing about a moissanite pendant is its longevity, as it remains the same even after years of using it. They are very sturdy and durable. Unlike other gems, a moissanite gem doesnโ€™t lose its shine and can be passed from one generation to another as a symbol of love and memories.

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