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Amethyst ring is a semi precious violet colored stone also known as jamunia and katella belongs to quartz mineral family. It is also a birthstone for February month. According to astrology, it is a substitute of blue sapphire (neelam) gemstone. Amethyst is worn for relationships, mental stress and health problems. This gemstone is connected with the planet Saturn. According to Indian astrology it is a birthstone for Pisces and according to western astrology it is for Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac signs. Amethyst gemstone can be worn in any jewellery the wearer wants. But if it is worn in a ring then its ring is worn in the middle finger. The metal which is good for it is silver, gold is strictly restricted. For wearing it, Saturday is good and it is worn after sunset. The benefits of amethyst are it brings good luck, better for relationships and health issues.

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