Yellow Sapphire Ring (Pukhraj)

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Yellow Sapphire Ring (Pukhraj Ring)

Yellow Sapphire Ring: It is yellow colored gemstones belonging to the corundum mineral family. Yellow colored stone is also called Pukhraj stone in Hindi. This is a hard and precious stone.  It is not such an expensive stone. Yellow sapphire stone is yellow colored and lemon yellow colored stone. It is massive in size and heavy in weight. The stone is said to be real if it looks like the sun. Men should wear yellow sapphire stone which is worn in the index finger and women should wear pukhraj stone in the index finger of the left hand. Yellow sapphire stone can be worn in gold and silver metal. Ruling planet The yellow sapphire stone is Jupiter. The best day to wear yellow sapphire stone is Thursday and the best time to wear it is early morning between 5 AM to 7 AM.

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