Gemstones are the beautiful gift of nature, they are made and some minerals get combined, there is a lot of variety of gemstone that come from different origins and countries. Gemstone are used in jewellery and also in astrology. Every gemstone has a different properties, colour and different importance in astrology. From an ancient time they are use for their healing properties. Every person has complications and problems in their life. These problems vary for person to person. Here gemstone helps them to reduce these problems. Many gemstone have a story of their formation. Some gemstone are precious which are rare and expensive; some gemstone are semi precious which are rare but not so expensive.

All the gemstone have their ruling planet; some gemstone gives more benefits when it is worn with other gemstone and some gemstone effect negative when wear in wrong combination. In Precious gemstone, a particular gemstone are worn when a planet in horoscope is placed wrongly, or weak because a weak or wrongly planet in horoscope gives negative benefits, like trouble in career, business, marriage life, delay in marriage, bad immunity, disease, fights and many problems. Every planet in horoscope has their suitable place a responsible for things.

This gemstone cures the negative effects as it is natural and created by nature.  People, who don’t believe in astrology and are not aware about their benefits, also wear gemstone in jewellery because its beautiful lustre makes the jewellery more attractive. In Semi precious gemstone, some gemstones are having their importance and some gemstones are use as a substitute of precious gemstones. All the gemstone which are use in astrology or wear for particular benefits should be natural. Now days, technology makes the gemstone more attractive by heating or treating them. But they are not beneficial. Always wear natural gemstone.

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