Blue Sapphire Ring (Neelam Ring)

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Blue Sapphire Ring (Neelam Ring)

Blue sapphire ring is a very admirable and beautiful blue color stone belonging to the corundum mineral family. It is a hard and precious stone. It is a little bit less hard than diamond. It is also called by the name Neelam in Hindi. Blue sapphire ring is the fastest and most effective ring. 

Women should wear a Neelam ring on the Middle finger of their right hand and men should wear this stone on the middle finger of their left hand. Saturn is the ruling planet of the blue sapphire ring. This is the most beautiful and effective stone among all gemstones. The blue sapphire stone can be worn in a pendant or a ring. Silver metal is recommended for it and gold is avoided. The best day and time to wear it is Saturday from 5 PM to 7 PM.

Benefits of wearing a blue sapphire ring :

  • Makes health better: A blue sapphire ring is also worn for health problems. It cures health disease and makes the wearer healthy and fit. Improves immunity and saves from negative energy.
  • For mental Stability: Blue sapphire ring gives peace of mind to wearers and brings Positivity in life. It makes the wearer kind and soft-hearted.
  • Bring good luck: Most of the time, it is worn to bring good luck. It is effective in making the wearer’s time good and finishing bad luck.
  • Makes financial condition better: A blue sapphire ring is also worn to make financial status better than before.
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