Best Yellow sapphire Wholesaler

Finding a Yellow sapphire wholesaler or Pukhraj Stone wholesaler is one of the difficult tasks. There are many Yellow sapphire wholesalers in India. But some of them don’t give the original Pukhraj and some don’t give the quality of the gemstone.

There are many things to keep in mind while buying Gemstone in Wholesale, As Gemstone is natural, effective, quality is good and you can get all these things in Affordable Prices. But it is very difficult to find such a Gemstone dealer who gives you all these things at a low rate. Now this work has become very easy because Shraddha Shree Gems is giving the natural gemstone and effective gemstone at lowest price. All gemstones we deal in are lab certified.

About yellow sapphire:

Yellow sapphire gemstone is the precious gemstone belonging to the mineral corundum family, In Hindi,it is called Pukhraj. Yellow sapphire is a very effective gemstone. Yellow sapphire gemstone is worn for bringing prosperity and bringing good luck. It is a yellow colored massive gemstone; the original yellow sapphire gemstone looks like a sun. Pukhraj gemstone has many benefits. It is worn for health benefits, bringing prosperity, making relations good and also for other benefits.

There are many astrological benefits of Pukhraj stone. Pukhraj gemstone is the second most effective gemstone. It has the power to protect wearers from negative energies, Gemstone Yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) is ruled by planet Jupiter. For wearing yellow sapphire gemstone Thursday is the perfect day you can wear it at early morning 5 AM to 7 AM. It looks very beautiful and attractive, For wearing yellow sapphire gemstone gold and silver are the highly recommended metals. People with zodiac signs Sagittarius and Pisces can wear them for more effective results.

Properties of Yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) gemstone:

Color: Pukhraj gemstone is lemon colored Gemstone, It is also found in bright yellow. Yellow sapphire gemstone is yellow colored but found in different shades.

Clarity: Yellow sapphire gemstone is clear in appearance. The original and natural yellow sapphire gemstone looks like the sun, It is massive in size and heavy in weight.

Treatment: Gemstone has two types of treatment i.e. heated and treated. Gemstones are heated and treated just to change their look and shine. But, unheated and untreated gemstones are more preferable.

Cut: Yellow sapphire gemstone is found in different shapes and designs. Everyone buy or wear gemstone as per their choice, Cut and design of Pukhraj Stone depends on the jewellery.

Best yellow sapphire wholesaler:

It is one of the hardest decisions to find the best yellow sapphire wholesaler. Everything the buyer needs is a good quality product at low prices. Shraddha shree gems is the best yellow sapphire wholesaler, We deal in original and certified yellow sapphire gemstone. We have been dealing in gemstones since 2012. Shraddha shree gems deals in wholesale and also in retail. We provide certificates with yellow sapphire gemstone. We give the best quality of gemstone. Gemstone of shraddha shree gems is natural, unheated and untreated.

Best yellow sapphire wholesaler

How to find good yellow sapphire:

A natural and original yellow sapphire looks like the sun. Pukhraj stone is massive in size and it is heavy in weight. Along with its appearance, find a Pukhraj which is effective. A natural gemstone is laboratory certified. Buy yellow sapphire in wholesale from a certified wholesaler and we are the certified Yellow sapphire wholesaler because we provide the certificate as the proof of natural yellow sapphire gemstone. You will find good quality gemstones at the lowest price. We offer the best quality of Yellow Sapphire at affordable prices, Here you will get the original and effective Yellow Sapphire.

Which country has the best yellow sapphire gemstone?

Yellow sapphire of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) is known as the effective yellow sapphire gemstone, Yellow sapphire stone is found in many countries. But, Sri Lanka is the most preferable country for Pukhraj. Sri Lanka is the country of the original Pukhraj gemstone. It is believed that the yellow sapphire of Sri Lanka is the best. And, Shraddha Shree gems deal in yellow sapphire of Sri Lanka. Yellow sapphire of Sri Lanka is more effective than other countries’ Pukhraj.

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