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Loose Peridot Gemstone:

Peridot is a semi precious gemstone belonging to the olivine mineral family. It’s a substitute for emerald in astrology. It’s a Birthstone of August. It promotes good health and creativity of the wearer. It is a substitute for emerald gemstone so it gives all the benefits of emerald. The peridot gemstone is ruled by mercury planets and worn to strengthen mercury in horoscopes. Peridot is worn in different jewellery as per wearer requirement but if it is worn in ring then for wearing peridot ring is worn in little finger and silver is highly preferable metal and panchdhatu is not recommended. It is a beautiful green colored gemstone which makes jewellery more beautiful and worn by everyone. For astrology, It is recommended to august born people, Those whose mercury is weak in horoscope and Gemini and Virgo zodiac signs.

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