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Rudraksha beads has a very important role in spiritual activities. These bead is basically a holy seed which is grown in a tree and it has a lot of benefits. The word rudraksha is derived from the word “Rudra” means “Shiva” and ”aksha” means ”tears”. It is said that this bead is formed by the tears of lord shiva. It beads also have variety; variety doesn’t mean high quality or low quality. Variety means different sizes and faces. These beads have faces also known as mukhi; it starts from 1 mukhi to 21 mukhi.  1 to 12 mukhi are easily available but beads having mukhi more than 12 are rare.

There are also two quality of it: Indonesian  and Nepal. For astrology, Nepal bead are more preferable. Indonesian beads are usually small in size, and their faces are not clearly specified. Nepal beads are big in size and have clear faces, their faces are countable. Every Bead has its own ruling planet and ruling god. All the beads have particular benefits and wear for different purposes. Except faces there are also other beads, these beads have faces but they are not known for its faces i.e ganesha, gauri Shankar, trijuti and garbh gauri.

These beads are very rare and very expensive. Wearing this bead, helps the wearer to fulfil their wishes, protect from negative energies and misshapes. This beads are blessed by lord shiva, its wearer gets the direct blessing of lord shiva. Wearing a it on shravan maas is very auspicious, it frees the person from many of the dosha, and solves the biggest problems.

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