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All You Need To Know About Gemstone Recommendation

Gemstones are the beautiful gift of nature; their metaphysics can solve any problem. Different gemstones have different benefits and use for different purposes. Every gemstone has its own metaphysical properties. Gem recommendation help to solve your problem. Almost everyone faces problems in their life. Problems vary from person to person. Some have career issues, some have marriage problems, some have health problems but everyone has problems.

It is believed that problems happen because of wrongly placed planets in our horoscope. When one planet is placed wrongly, it will give some malefic effect. But when two or more planets are wrong they give more malefic effects. Here for reducing the malefic effects we use gem therapy. There are many ways to reduce the malefic effects of planets in horoscopes but wearing gemstone is considered more effective. Many of the problems get solved after wearing the gemstone. 

But how to know which gemstone should be worn, which planet is weak or wrongly placed. Here gem recommendation works. Because sometimes wearing the wrong gemstone can lead you to more problems. It is better to wear the gemstone after consulting the astrologer. Some gemstones are not suitable for everyone, wearing a suitable gemstone can help you to get everything and wearing a wrong gemstone can lose everything. 

It will be better if you choose a gem recommendation before buying any gemstone. Gem recommendation helps us to know which gemstone is suitable for us, and due to which planet we are facing this many issues. Astrologers can help us to know our birthstone, our lucky gemstones are suitable gemstones and many more. 

Consult an astrologer for gemstone recommendation; they will check your horoscope. And tell you which gemstone is best for you. For gemstone recommendation you just need a few details like full name, date of birth, time of birth, place of birth. Many of the websites develop the software of checking the suitable gemstone but the software tells you the result from the stored data.

An astrologer helps to give us better results. Astrologers can tell you which planet is giving malefic effects, which planet needs remedies and why that particular is suitable for you. Sometimes some planets are wrongly placed but do not give malefic effects, you don’t need to wear gemstones of that planet. Gem recommendation also helps to know which gemstone combination should be worn and which combination should not be worn. 

It will be better to consult an expert or experienced astrologer to know which planet is giving benefits. Sometimes it also happens that some of our planets are in the right place and if we use the gemstones of those planets, then that planet gives us negative effects. Sometimes it also happens that some of our planets are in the right place and if we use the gemstones of those planets, then that house gives us negative effects. For example: Venus is placed in the right place but the person wears the diamond. Then he will face the negative effects of the Venus planet. That’s why it is better to consult an astrologer. 

There are many cases and everything varies from person to person. 9 Precious gemstones are the most effective gemstones which are used for the main nine planets (including rahu and ketu). All these precious gemstone effects earlier and sometimes they also affect negatively. Even some semi precious gemstones can have negatives. Gem recommendation also helps you to get the right procedure of wearing a gemstone.  

Guidance is very important before buying anything. There are also some Zodiac Signs which are forbidden to wear Precious and some Semi-Precious Gemstones. Gemstone recommendation is necessary to know whether you are also one of those zodiac signs. Gem recommendation is important to protect yourself from the negative effects of gemstones.

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