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Shraddha Shree Gems is one of the biggest websites dealing in Natural and Certified gemstone, rudraksha and moissanite. We are an online e-commerce company and we need the real information of our users. If you visit our website to buy anything or share your personal details it means you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

Privacy: We use the best technology of online portal; we make sure that your personal information is not inappropriate use by us. But we are also connected with our third party partners; we need to share your details with them. And, we are not responsible for any type of inappropriate use of your personal details.

Security: We keep your data secure in our data storage and make sure that your data should not be leaked by our team. We provide 100% of security of storage of your personal data. But, in case of any inappropriate use of our stored data, then we will not be responsible for it.

Sharing the necessary information: Connecting with us states that you agree to share your personal details with us, ordering products from us requires your necessary information which you need to share with us like phone number, address and online payment details.

Legal Law and Actions: If anyone shares our data with any third person, inappropriate use, our data or website for any illegal or unnecessary use then, we have a right to take strict legal actions against them.

Changes to Agreement: Our teams have a right to change any content. We can change the agreement any time, return; replacement and any other agreement can be changed by us anytime.

All information is not reliable: Along with the product we also share the information. Information we share on our platform is used by the search engine and other websites; they are not 100% true.

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