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Citrine Pendants

Citrine is a yellow colored precious gemstone belonging to the quartz mineral family. It is the substitute of yellow sapphire stone.ย  Citrine is also known as sunela in Hindi. It is worn as a substitute of yellow sapphire pendant and also for bringing success, for financial gain also for other benefits. Citrine is a very affordable gemstone. Jupiter is the ruling planet of citrine. People with zodiac signs Sagittarius and Pisces should wear this citrine stone. Silver and gold are highly preferred metals for citrine pendants. If you want to wear a citrine pendant then Thursday is the perfect day.

Benefits of citrine pendant:

It is worn for success: Citrine is also an effective gemstone. Citrine pendant is worn for success. Wearing a citrine pendant can make you successful; it is more beneficial for students and working people.

It is worn for financial gain: Citrine is effective in solving financial problems. It helps in financial gain, businessmen who are facing loss or those working people who are facing financial problems should wear citrine for effective result.

Health benefits of citrine pendant: Health benefits of citrine is it can cure digestive, kidney problems. It can improve blood circulation, citrine is considered as a healing gemstone in astrology.

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