Black Onyx/Sulemani Hakik Ring

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Sulemani Hakik or Black Onyx has an esteemed place in the world of astrology. As per Vedic astrology and also Western Astrology, Sulemani Hakik or Black Onyx is believed to holds mystical powers. It is not only worn by Hindus but also worn by Muslims too. It is worn to please Lord Shiva and helps to get rid of Moonโ€™s negative effects. Sulemani Hakik or Black Onyx protects from the weaver from evil spirits, helps to overcome the negative emotions, brings balance in spirituality, mental peace, helps to maintain a healthy body, increases concentration, boosts confidence, creates balance in heart and mind, charges with positive energy and satisfaction, removes obstructions in business, helps to make more profit in business, and enhances powers to do good for others.

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