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Yellow Sapphire Pendant (Pukhraj Pendant) and its effect

Yellow sapphire, also known as pukhraj, is a honey-colored precious gemstone belonging to the mineral corundum family. Pukhraj is worn for many benefits. Pendant of yellow sapphire looks very beautiful and attractive. Apart from looking beautiful it is worn for many astrological benefits. For wearing yellow sapphire pendant Gold and silver both metals are good. According to astrology, yellow sapphire is ruled by the Jupiter planet. For wearing a yellow sapphire pendant, Thursday is the best day. Wear it early in the morning Between 5AM to 7AM. Yellow sapphire pendant has many benefits as it cures diseases, saves from accidents and makes the wearer healthy. And, also pukhraj pendant solves financial problems.ย 

Benefits of Yellow Sapphire Pendant:

  • Effective in bringing positivity: People who wear yellow sapphire pendants always stay positive. And it helps to remove bad and negative thoughts from mind.
  • Good for relationship: The other benefits of these yellow sapphire pendants is This stone is considered very effective in ending the fight. People should wear this who are facing fight everyday in house.
  • Helps to be successful: Yellow sapphire pendant helps the wearer to be successful. It solves career problems, Financial problems and it is more beneficial for those businessmen who are facing losses.
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