You will find a wide range of Gomed dealers, But the worst issue a customer faces is quality and price range. Finding good quality of gomed at an affordable price is not easy. Natural gomed which is effective but available in high range is the problem every customer faces.  But, now it is very hard to find the best gomed dealer.

Here is the best gomed dealer that is Shraddha Shree gems. Shraddha shree gem deals in Gomed stone from many years. We have the best quality of hessonite. The Hessonite garnet we deal in are natural and certified. We are the trustworthy dealer in Delhi.  For a long time we have been dealing in gemstones. Whatever design or quality you want, you will get it all.

From loose gemstone to gemstone jewellery we provide everything. Now it is natural and effective so it will be difficult to find but Shraddha shree gems deal in Ceylon garnet.  We provide the certificate with gemstone.

About Hessonite Garnet (Gomed):

Hessonite garnet is one of the effective and beneficial gemstones. The Hessonite garnet is the stone of Rahu. It is also called gomed in Hindi. Hessonite is a honey colored gemstone. It has many benefits but most of the time it is worn to protect the effect of Rahu. Rahu is the planet who ruled hessonite garnet. Hessonite is more beneficial for Aquarius and Gemini.

For wearing hessonite, Saturday is the perfect day and morning 6 AM to 9 PM is the perfect time. Silver is the most preferable metal for gomed gemstone. Hessonite garnet is worn for making financial condition better, for removing the effect of Rahu. Health benefits of gomed is it is worn for curing digestive problems, respiratory problems and also for depression. There are many other benefits of gomed like the person who wears it gains confidence and power.

Properties of hessonite garnet:

Color: Hessonite is found in brown or honey color. It comes in different shades of brown with different shining.

Clarity:  Clarity of hessonite garnet depends on the quality of the stone. You will find many quality of gomed.

Cut: Hessonite garnet is found in different cuts. Everyone designs their hessonite garnet according to their choice of jewellery.

Treatment: Heating and treating are the two processes from which gemstone goes from. These treatments are done to change the color, look and shine of the gemstone.

How to find best gomed dealer:

There are many things a customer wants while buying gomed from a dealer. Find a gomed dealer who is certified and giving you the best quality hessonite garnet. Deal with those dealers who have lab certified gomed and giving you at an affordable price. Most of the people sell gems at affordable prices but give you fake or non reactive hessonite. We supply Garnet for all types of trade, for wholesale, for retail. Very satisfying quality we provide to our customers. Shraddha shree gems are the best gomed dealer. Our customer service is very satisfying and the best thing about us is we always deal in natural gemstones.

Where to find Genuine Gomed:

Hessonite and other gemstones are worn for astrological benefits and if they are not effective then what is the use of wearing them, so whenever you buy hessonite, some things have to be taken care of like that gomed should be natural. Sri Lanka (Ceylon) is considered as the most effective hessonite. Ceylon gomed are the most preferable and also difficult to find. He reacts very quickly and very soon you start seeing changes. He reacts very quickly and very soon you start seeing changes. Natural gomed is unheated and untreated.

How to know which Gomed dealer is best:

Dealer who is serving you the best quality: find a dealer who is giving you the best quality of gemstone but at the affordable price range.

Who is providing you the natural gomed: Dealer who is providing the natural hessonite which is unheated and untreated. Natural hessonite is more effective than heated and treated.

Dealer who is certified and dealing from a long time: Certified dealers are very rarely found. Dealers who are dealing from a long time are having full knowledge of hessonite.

Provides good customer service: Find a dealer who can fulfill your requirement. Who sells loose hessonite or hessonite jewellery according to your choice. In simple words find a dealer whose service can satisfy you.

Shraddha shree gems have all these quality you have read above

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