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Amber Gemstone: Antique gemstone

Amber Gemstone: Antique gemstone

Amber gemstone is a semi precious gemstone which is formed organically under the earth. It is found in many colours. It looks very beautiful and attractive; you can wear it on a ring, pendant or any other jewellery. Amber gemstone is considered a healing and protective gemstone. This stone is suitable for sacral chakra, which is located down the belly’s navel. Blocking of Sacral Chakra can cause back pain, PCOS in women, Muscle pain and many more issues. Amber gemstone has many healing properties and many other properties. It balances the Sacral Chakra of the body which gives many health benefits to the wearer.

Benefits of Amber gemstone:

  • Healing Stone: Amber is considered a healing gemstone. It is recommended for healing. It has many healing properties. It heals the problems or health problems of the wearer.
  • Health benefits: It gives many health benefits to the wearer. It protects from health issues. And, get rid of joint pain, back pain, PCOS, urinal problems and reproductive problems.
  • Gives mental peace: Amber stone is capable of getting relief from mental stress, anxiety, stress and gives mental peace to the wearer. It attracts positive energy and happiness.                                                                                                                                                         
  • Maintain Sacral Chakra: As you read above, Amber is significant for maintaining sacral chakra.  Sacral Chakra is below the belly which is for reproductive organs. It is very important to maintain it, to get relief from health issues.

How to Wear Amber Gemstone:

  • It is worn according to body weight. For e.g. a person with body weight 50 kg have to wear 5 carat.
  • You can wear it on any type of metal; there is no restriction of wearing metal for it.
  • You can wear it on any jewellery like ring, pendant or any other jewellery.
  • Stone should be natural otherwise it will not give astrological benefits.
  • You can wear it or place it at your home or office.

Who can wear amber gemstone:

Anyone can wear it; there is no restriction of wearing it. Anyone who wants to protect themselves from any type of negative energies and black magic can wear it.  Anyone who has health issues like back pain, joint pain, PCOS or problems related to the reproductive system can wear it. It can give relief from health problems. You can wear any type of jewellery or place it at your home as a healing stone. Amber stone attracts positive energies and it has many healing properties. There is no restriction for this amber stone; you can wear it on any type of metal. Men and women both can wear it.

Types of Amber gemstone:

Amber comes in many colours. You can wear whatever colour is suitable for you.

  • Yellow: Most of the amber gemstones are yellow colored. It is not so expensive and very easily found.
  • Blue: Amber stone is also available in Blue colour. Blue variety of amber stone is very high. After yellow amber it is mostly found in blue colour.
  • Black: Black amber, it is dark in colour. It is quite effective and placed or wears for its healing properties.
  • Red: Red colored amber is very rarely found and it looks beautiful. And, that’s why it is expensive.
  • White: White colored amber is demanded for its texture and unique look, it is opaque in appearance.                    

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