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Burmese Ruby Gemstone (Manik): Most beautiful variety of Ruby

Burmese Ruby Gemstone (Manik): Most beautiful variety of Ruby

Burmese Ruby gemstone is a precious gemstone belonging to the corundum mineral family also known as manic in Hindi. It is worn for many astrological benefits. It is found in many shades of pink to blood red. It is a natural and very expensive gemstone from all nine precious gemstones. 

It comes from many origins and the most popular ruby is Burmese ruby. Burmese ruby gemstone is known for its pigeon blood red colour, its clarity and for its astrological benefits. This variety of ruby is very rarely found, most expensive and most beneficial. Ruby is worn for career growth, for improving leadership quality and social status.

Benefits of Burmese ruby gemstone:

Good for Career growth: Ruby is beneficial for success and it helps the wearer whose career growth is stopped and wants to get successful in any field, any work.

Social Status: Ruby makes the wearer successful and gives growth in the career. Which improves the social status of the wearer and it is also beneficial in giving them financial benefits.

Relationship benefits: Burmese ruby gemstone makes the relationship better for the wearer. Ruby is the gemstone of sun, sun is the father planet and the wearer of ruby makes the relationship better between father and son.

Health benefits: Along with the other benefits there are also health benefits of ruby. It cures health diseases related to eyes, bones, and heart. And makes the wearer healthy.  

Leadership quality: Ruby is the gemstone of the sun, and the sun is the powerful planet. Wearer of ruby gets all the qualities of sun. And the most important quality is leadership. It improves the leadership quality of the wearer.

Who can wear Burmese ruby gemstone:

Ruby is the birthstone for July born people. Ruby is a beneficial gemstone and it can be worn by anyone. According to Indian and western astrology Leo are the suitable ascendants for wearing ruby gemstone. It is worn for sun quality or sun affected people. Those with the sun incorrectly placed in the horoscope are recommended to wear ruby.

How to wear:

Weight: Ruby is worn according to body weight; at least 1/12th of the body weight is worn.  

Colour: Ruby is available in many colours. From pink to red colour it is available in many shades. Pink and red both can be worn but it should be natural.

Metal: Gold is highly preferable metal for burmese ruby gemstone and it can also be worn in any other metal.

Finger: Ruby ring is worn in ring finger.

Day & Time: as you read above. Ruby is a gemstone of the sun planet. So, Sunday is the best day for wearing rubies.

Chanting method: Wearer of burmese ruby gemstone has to chant the mantra of sun that is Om Ghrini Suryay Namha, ॐ घृणिः सूर्याय नमः |

Ruby Quality:

Origin:  Ruby is founded in many origins and every ruby is different. Ruby comes from Myanmar (Ruby), Thailand, Mozambique and other countries. For astrological benefits Burmese ruby is best after Burmese ruby, Mozambique ruby is good and others are also good.

Colour: Ruby colour is started from pink and ends to pigeon red. It is available in many shades. Every colour is good but it should be natural. Burmese ruby is pigeon red colored and very clear.

Clarity: Some rubies are clear and some have minor inclusions, natural rubies have inclusion but minor inclusions, these inclusions can’t be seen by naked eyes.

Treatment: Natural rubies are rough and have some inclusions. Rubies which are glass filled look good but they don’t give astrological benefits. And those rubies which are rough, not clear and have some inclusions are natural and good for astrological benefits. 

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