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Get Your Suitable Gemstone According Your Zodiac Sign:

Get Your Suitable Gemstone According Your Zodiac Sign:

Different zodiac signs have different personalities and different qualities. According to astrology; zodiac signs have their ruling planet which decides nature and hurdles of life. Gemstone is worn for wrongly placed planets which gives negative effects. Every person who is born has a zodiac sign and their ruling planet. These gemstones are connected with them. Before wearing a gemstone you should know which gemstone can be beneficial for you.


Aries people are born between 21 March to 19 April. These people are very ambitious, honest and creative. Their ruling planet is Mars and the gemstone of Mars is coral. There are many suitable gemstones which can be worn by Aries zodiac sign but which is more suitable is coral. Coral is ruled by planet mars. It is available in red, orange and white colour. But for astrology red colour is more preferable.


Those People who are born between 20 April to 20 May. Suitable gemstone for taurus zodiac sign is diamond. Ruling planet of Taurus is Venus and the gemstone of Venus planet is diamond. These ascendants are stubborn, intelligent and hardworking people. They can be worn as a diamond or substitute for diamonds like Opal or Natural Zircon. Except diamond and substitutes they can also wear other gemstones as per their choice.


Gemini people are born between 21 May to 21 June. These people are so hardworking, extroverted and clever. Their ruling planet is mercury and mercury also rules gemstone emerald. Gemini Zodiac sign can wear other gemstones according to their horoscope. But, emerald is a more suitable gemstone for Gemini ascendants. These ascendants can wear emeralds and also substitute emeralds.


Cancer ascendants are born between 22 June to 22 July. These people are emotional and sensitive people. Ruling planet of cancer is the moon and the moon also controls pearl gemstones. Pearl is suitable for cancer zodiac signs. Pearl helps the cancer ascendants to control their aggression, emotional and their feelings.


Leo people are born from 23 July to 22 August. These people are very attractive, kind and the best thing about them is their leadership quality. Their ruling planet is the Sun and the gemstone of the sun is ruby. Ruby improves leadership quality, promotes a better relationship and a better control of mind. Leo zodiac sign should wear ruby gemstone.


Virgo is born between 23 August to 22 September. These people are very supportive and good planners. Ruling planet of Virgo is mercury. And the gemstone of the mercury planet is emerald. Emerald has many benefits and this is more suitable to Virgo zodiac sign. Emerald can help them to improve their communication skills and financial problems.


Libra people are the very creative people they are born between 23 September to 23 October. These people are very sensitive and emotional. Ruling planet of Libra is Venus; according to the ruling planet suitable gemstone for Libra zodiac sign is diamond or substitute of diamond. Diamond has many benefits and wearing it can strengthen Venus.


Scorpions are born between 24 October to 21 November. These people are very energetic, brave and determined. Their ruling planet is Mars and their gemstone is red coral. Coral has many benefits, Wearing it can strengthen mars in horoscope and reduce all health related problems. Scorpio zodiac sign are recommended to wear red coral.


Sagittarius people are born between 22 November to 21 Dec. These people are very loyal, passionate, assertive and smart. Their ruling planet is Jupiter. According to planet Jupiter, a suitable gemstone for them is yellow sapphire or Ruby. Ruby or yellow sapphire helps them to improve their qualities and strengthen their planets. Wearing an emerald can have negative effects on them.


Capricorn are the ascendants who were born between 22 December to 19 January. Ruling Planet of Capricorn is Saturn, and Saturn rules blue sapphire gemstone. Personality of Capricorn native is hardworking and ambitious. Blue Sapphire suits Capricorn ascendants and attracts good fortune for them, it also strengthens Saturn in horoscopes.  


Aquarius are the ascendants who were born between 20 January to 18 February. These people are clever, optimistic, and highly known for their creativity. Their Ruling planet is Saturn; Wearing gemstones which are ruled by Saturn can be beneficial for them. Aquarius people can wear blue sapphire and other gemstones of Saturn planet.  


Pisces ascendants are born between 19 February to 20 March. These people are imaginative, sensitive and very cheerful. Their ruling planet is Jupiter, And suitable gemstone is Yellow sapphire. Wearing yellow sapphire can improve their creativity and remove all hurdles that come in their career and marriage. But they shouldn’t wear emeralds. Emerald can be harmful for them. 

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