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pearl and coral pendant
pearl and coral pendant

Pearl And Coral (Munga) Gemstone Pendant


  • Gemstone Names – Coral And Pearl
  • Gemstones Natural – Yes
  • Gemstones Certified – Yes
  • Coral Gemstone Shape – Oval
  • Pearl Gemstone Shape – Round
  • Coral Gemstone Colour – Red
  • Pearl Gemstone Colour – White
  • Gemstones Weight – Start From (4.25 Ratti / 3.83 Carat) / Gemstone
  • Metal – Sterling Silver, Panchdhatu, Gold
  • Shipping – In India (6 to 10 days), Outside of India (10 to 15 days)
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Coral And Pearl Gemstone Pendant

Coral is a precious gemstone. It is also known as Munga gemstone in the Hindi language. It gives you confidence and an extrovert. It eliminates fears, doubts fears, and anxieties. It allows you to enjoy luxuries including your own house, properties, and even paraphernalia. It is a huge source of wealth and will never let you suffer from cash shortages or debts. It allows you to manage any circumstance with logic. It helps to make your character worth being noticed. It improves fertility and assists in the process of conceiving. It infuses you with power, enthusiasm, and love. It boosts the sexual experience and makes your sex more than content.

The pearl is an organic blueish to white semi-precious stone that grows in the body of a living organism known as a MolluscThis stone has an important astrological meaning in Vedic astrology. It is also worn to help pacify the moon’s planet in the birth chart of the wearer. Wester Astrology suggests that a pearl is a birthstone for people born in the month of June.

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Additional information

Carat & Ratti

3.85 carat/ 4.27 Ratti, 4.75 carat/5.27 Ratti, 5.70 carat /6.32 Ratti, 6.52 carat / 7.24 Ratti, 7.41 carat / 8.22 Ratti, 8.30 carat / 9.22 Ratti, 10.10 carat / 11.22 Ratti


Panchdhatu (Alloy), Sterling Silver


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