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Sliver White Round Pearl Ring.
Sliver White Round Pearl Ring.

Silver White Round Pearl Earring


  • Gemstone Name – Pearl (Earring)
  • Gemstone Natural – Yes
  • Gemstone Colour – White
  • Gemstone Shape – Round
  • Gemstone Size – 1.5 Carat
  • Metal – Sterling Silver, Panchdhatu, Gold
  • Shipping – In India (6 to 10 days), Outside of India (10 to 15 days)
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About Pearl Earring

A pearl ring is a type of jewelry that features a pearl as its central gemstone. Pearls are unique because they are the only gemstones formed by living creatures, specifically mollusks such as oysters and mussels. They are known for their lustrous, iridescent appearance and are highly valued in the world of jewelry.

Can I make custom jewelry?

Yes, We would like to make Custom Jewellery As per your Requirement. If you have any custom sizes, weights, measurements, materials, and other designing then Contact us ring now we will make them for you.

Shipping and Delivery.

If you are from India then we will deliver our products in 5 to 10 Days. If you are from another country then we will deliver our products in 10 to 15 days.

Return Policy.

If you want to return any product then firstly read our return policy.

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Panchdhatu (Alloy), Sterling Silver, 9k Yellow Gold, 14K Yellow Gold, 18k Yellow Gold


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