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April Birthstone: Natural Diamond Gemstone (Effects & Facts)

April Birthstone: Natural Diamond Gemstone (Effects & Facts)

The people who are born in April are very energetic. They have a passion for books, food, science, and travel. These people are very joyful people and they are very active. They are very passionate about their work and always want to fulfil their dream. For these personalities diamond gemstone is suitable for them.

Birthstone for the month of April is Diamond. Diamond gemstone is the most beautiful and attractive gemstone which is also known as heera and which has the power to give you a luxurious life, fulfilling all the dreams and giving a peaceful life.

Importance of Diamond Gemstone:

Diamond is a precious gemstone which is also known as heera in Hindi. It is a colourless and the most beautiful stone and also it is the hardest, Hardness of diamond is 10 on the Mohs scale.

Basically, diamond gemstone is ruled by planet Venus. It is also suggested to wear by those people whose Venus is weak or wrongly placed in horoscopes. Venus is the planet of wealth, luxurious life and comfort. Strong Venus can help to get a luxurious life. 

It is a very expensive stone that can’t be afforded by anyone but a substitute for diamonds can also be beneficial. Some of the substitutes of diamond are moissanite, opal and natural zircon. These are the semi precious and affordable gemstones.

Substitute of Diamond Gemstone- Opal and Natural Zircon

Opal is a semi-precious gemstone of white colored with intense fire. It is considered a substitute of diamond gemstone in astrology. Opals help to achieve success, getting a luxurious life, social status, fame and prosperity and marriage. Opal works as a diamond gemstone and contains all the benefits of it.

Natural zircon is a similar colourless and also colored semi-precious gemstone which is worn for improving financial and social status, marital bliss, for improving creativity and achieving goals and luxurious life. Natural zircon can be a good substitute for diamonds.

diamond gemstone

Benefits of Wearing Diamond Gemstone-

Attracts Money- Diamond is associated with planet venus, a strong planet venus attracts money and fulfils all the desires. Wearing diamonds can give you relief from financial problems.

Good for Health- Wearing a diamond gemstone can help your organs of the body to work properly and helps you to get rid of many health problems like liver disease, asthma and throat.

Control feeling- Diamond controls its wearer and protects from negative things. It controls negative thoughts and anger. It makes the mind strong and enhances creative thought.

Helps in attaining success- Diamond is beneficial for achieving goals and success. It makes all the ways clear for your goals. By wearing diamonds you can easily become successful.

Who Can Wear Diamond Gemstone:

Diamond is the prettiest stone everyone wants to wear and looks good but diamond is a gemstone of Venus planet. It is suitable for those people who are born in April or suggested to wear by an astrologer or whose Venus is weak or wrongly placed. But if the Venus is strong and placed right in the horoscope and you wear it then it can also give you negative effects. It is better to check your horoscope before wearing it.

How to Wear Diamond Gemstone:

Finger: Venus planet is connected with the middle finger. Diamond is worn on the middle finger.

Metal: Diamond looks beautiful with all metals and you can use any metal which you want to wear it, gold, silver and platinum all metals are suitable.

Day: Day of Venus planet is Friday, Wearing it on Friday can be beneficial for astrological purposes. You can wear it in the early morning. 

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