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June Birthstone: Pearl Gemstone (Its Benefits & Other Facts)

June Birthstone: Pearl Gemstone (Its Benefits & Other Facts)

For June born people, pearl gemstone are their suitable birthstone. Pearl is associated with the moon. Moon represents calm and peace. Those people who wear pearls become calm and their minds get peace. Wearing pearls helps to control their emotions and it reduces aggression.

June is the sixth month of the year. People who are born in this month are very sensitive and they don’t have control on their emotions. These people are sensitive, aggressive and creative people. These people have a good and attractive look and are also good communicators.

Birthstones are the suitable gemstone according to their birth month and their zodiac sign. These gemstones are precious or semi- precious they prove lucky for its suitable wearer.

What is Pearl Gemstone And Its Facts:

Pearl is a precious white colored gemstone which is also known as moti in hindi, it is found in a living organism named mollusk. This pearl gemstone is ruled by the moon. Pearl is a type of controlling gemstone which controls the person from many ways.

Pearl is a very beautiful and white colored sensitive gemstone which makes the jewellery more beautiful. There are many facts related to pearls. Some of the facts are that dreaming of a pearl means you are expecting love from your partner.

In ancient times, it is believed that a pearl is a teardrop of the moon, people said that it is fallen by the moon directly into the sea and Lord Krishna picks it for her daughter in her wedding.  Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626) who was an English philosopher said that eating a paste of ground pearls and lemon juice can cure illness.

Pearl Gemstone

Astrological Benefits of Wearing Pearl Gemstone:

Reduce anger: The main and effective benefit of wearing pearl gemstone is that it reduces anger of the wearer. Anger is the biggest enemy of the person; controlling anger is the most difficult thing. And, July born people are the most aggressive people wearing a pearl gemstone can help them to control it.

Control Emotions: June born people have very sensitive personalities, they easily lose their temper. All they need is attention is they are not happy then they can control their feelings and emotions. Pearl helps to control feelings and emotions and helps in controlling themselves.

It strengthens the moon in horoscope: Pearl is associated with the moon in horoscope. It has all the power of the moon; wearing pearls can strengthen the moon in horoscopes. And protect from negative effects of wrongly placed and weak moons.

Makes the wearer calm: Pearl makes the mind stable. Stable mind makes the person anxiety free, depression free, and improves concentration and it makes the wearer calm. Pearl gives a happy, anxiety-free and joyful environment to their wearer.

Quality of pearl gemstone:

Origin: Pearl gemstone comes from many different origins. Some pearls are of the best quality which comes from kasha, Basra and south sea. Pearl also comes from china but they are not considered of good quality. Pearl which is used for astrology should be of good quality in Basra, Kasha and South Sea.

Colour: Mostly you have seen white pearls of white colour. The Colour of pearls depends on the mollusk by which pearls are produced. But pearls are of different colours like golden, yellow, white and silver. All these pearls of different colours are used in astrology.

Shape: Pearl is naturally produced by the organism so it is not possible to find the same shaped pearl. Some pearls are produced in different shapes, some are usually round but some pearls don’t have any shape. Finding the same shape of pearl is very different.

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