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Cat’s Eye gemstone: Make Your Rahu & Ketu Strong

Cat’s Eye gemstone: Make Your Rahu & Ketu Strong

Cat’s eye gemstone is a precious gemstone which is also known as lehsunia in hindi. It is worn for ketu. Rahu and ketu are the two south and north lunar nodes which play a very important role in astrology. Cat’s eye gemstone is worn for ketu. It removes the malefic effect of ketu and protects the wearer. 

This lehsunia gemstone removes negativity and attracts positive energy. It is found in many colours and oval shapes. Cat’s eye gemstone has many benefits as it can remove negativity, protects the wearer from mishaps, improves financial condition and protects from ketu.

Natural cat’s eye is good for astrological benefits and it has a smooth surface. It is recommended by astrologers for rahu and ketu. These lunar nodes can destroy someone’s life if they are weak or wrongly placed in horoscopes.

Benefits of cat’s eye gemstone:

Removes malefic effect of ketu: As you read above, cat’s eye is ruled by ketu, so it is one of the benefits of this gemstone that it protects the wearer from the malefic effects which ketu gives.

Improves financial and social status: It brings some positive vibes which helps you to resolve your problems related to money and improving your financial condition and social status in society.

Protect the wearer: Lehsunia gemstone works as a shield for the wearer, it protects the wearer from any type of fear, accident, any negative energy, evil eye, debt or any other mishaps.

Health benefits of lehsunia: with other benefits there are also health benefits of wearing this gemstone. It has properties of health, some various diseases like paralysis or mania and from mental stress and anxiety.

Who can wear cat’s eye gemstone:

As you read above it is a gemstone of ketu. It is most of the time recommended to those people who are suffering from the malefic effect of ketu. But there is n o restriction for wearing it, anyone who wants, can wear this gemstone. And, those people who are taking medicine or mania and paralysis but there is no improvement in their health are suggested to wear it. Suitable zodiac signs for lehsunia gemstones are Leo and Pisces. On the other hand it gives benefits to those whose rahu or ketu are wrongly placed or weak in horoscopes.

How to wear cat’s eye gemstone:

Weight: At least 1/12th of the body weight is worn. For e.g. a person having 70 k.g body weights has to wear 6 carat.

Metal: Lehsunia gemstone can be worn in any metal. Gold, silver and panchdhatu any metal which the wearer wants.

Finger: There are two fingers in which a gemstone ring can be worn that is ring finger or middle finger. Except ring pendant bracelets or any other jewellery can also be worn.

Day & Time: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are the suitable days for wearing cat’s eye gemstone. Early morning 6:00 AM to 9 AM is the time in which lehsuniya can be worn.

Chanting method: This is the mantra for chanting cat’s eye gemstone “Om Shram Shreem Shroum Sah Ketuve Namah”.

Quality of Cat’s eye gemstone:

Origin: Cat’s eye comes from many countries like Australia and South Africa. And both cat’s eye origins are good and preferable. Origin doesn’t affect the quality and astrological benefits of the gemstone.

Colour: Lehsuniya is found in many colours and shades. Greenish, grey yellow black colours and shades are available. Every cat’s eye is similar and gives positive results if it is natural.

Clarity: Cat’s eye is very clear and opaque in appearance. It has a very smooth surface, and it is a hard stone. There is no treatment done with cat’s eye. Whether it will be natural or fake.

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