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Citrine Gemstone: Powerful Quartz Crystal

Citrine Gemstone: Powerful Quartz Crystal

Citrine gemstone is a semi-precious yellow colored gemstone also known as sunela in Hindi and belongs to the quartz mineral family. It is a substitute of precious yellow sapphire (pukhraj) gemstone. It has many benefits but it is mainly worn for financial problems. Citrine is the gemstone worn for financial problems. It looks similar to yellow sapphire as it is a substitute for pukhraj. Its hardness in mohs scale in 7.

It is also an alternate birthstone of November month. Except better financial it also has some other benefits that it cures various disease, brings good luck, improves concentration and makes relationship better.It should be worn by students, businessmen, and working people. It can be more beneficial for them. Citrine can also be worn in ring, pendant earrings and also be placed in home or working place for more effective results.

What are the major benefits of Citrine Gemstone (Sunela):

Reduce Financial Problems: The main benefits of citrine gemstone are it can reduce financial problems, this gemstone is capable of attracting money. It makes financial status better than before and fulfils all your desires.

Some Health Benefits of sunela: Every gemstone has some healing powers and this gemstone also has some healing properties as it can cure various diseases of the body like indigestion and bad blood circulation.

Brings good luck: Sunela is a lucky quartz crystal which helps to bring good luck in life. It brings better luck and prosperity in life and good for success and better career.

Improves higher learning: Citrine is a substitute of yellow sapphire which is the gemstone of Jupiter planet and learning power and sunela also improves the learning power of wearer.

Better for relationships: Citrine gemstone brings love in relationships, it reduces all the troubles of relationship, Removes the stress and misunderstanding of relationships and brings love.

Can citrine worn by anyone:

Citrine gemstone is a very beautiful yellow colored gemstone which is worn by some people as jewellery. In astrology, it is worn for weak Jupiter or wrongly placed jupiter. Citrine makes Jupiter strong in horoscopes which gives many benefits. According to western astrology, it is a birthstone of Sagittarius people. And according to Indian astrology, it is suitable for Aries, Cancer, Leo and Scorpio Zodiac signs. Citrine is recommended to those people who are facing problems in their career, financial status, relationships and health diseases. More Beneficial for students who are facing problems in concentration and also for businessmen facing loss in their business.

Right way of wearing of Citrine gemstone:

Metal: Gold & Panchdhatu both are suitable metal and silver can also be used in citrine gemstone jewellery.

Weight: Citrine weight is worn according to body weight. At least 1/10th of the body weight is worn. For e.g. a person with body weight 7 k.g have to wear a minimum 7 carat citrine.

Finger: Index finger of the hand if suggested for citrine ring. Otherwise, it is also worn in pendants and other jewellery.

Day & Time: Thursday morning is the best day for wearing citrine jewellery. Thursday morning between 5 Am to 9 Am.

Chanting method: This is the mantra for citrine gemstone. ‘Om Brim Brihaspataye Namah’, ॐ ब्रिम बृहस्पतये नमः

Citrine Gemstone Quality:

Origin: Origin Matter in astrology. It is very important to wear natural gemstones for astrological benefits. Brazil mines are more preferable for more sunela. Brazil citrine gemstone is very effective and gives the best quality.

Colour: Main colour of citrine is yellow but it has many different shades. Light yellow, gold yellow, and bright yellow are the colours which are preferred for astrology. Brown tint citrine is mostly avoided.

Clarity: Mostly transparent citrines are recommended and inclusions free citrine also.

Cut: Faceted stones with high lustrous are more most of the time preferred but they are also expensive.

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