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Natural Zircon Gemstone: Substitute of Diamond

Natural Zircon Gemstone: Substitute of Diamond

Zircon gemstone is a semi- precious gemstone also known as Jarkan in Hindi belongs to the Nesosilicates mineral family. It is found in many colours like, blue, green, orange, yellow and many more. It is a December birthstone and wears for many astrological benefits. It has many benefits: it is worn for healing benefits and health benefits. It is a substitute for diamond, and also works like diamond. It is worn for astrological benefits and also sometimes for show off as jewellery. It is ruled by the Venus planet and Venus planet is responsible for love, harmony and marriage. Zircon Gemstone removes the hurdle of marriage and love.

Benefits of Zircon Gemstone:

  • Health benefits: Zircon gemstone is capable of curing health disease related to hormonal, reproductive and urinary problems. On the other side white zircon is good for diabetes and migraine.
  • Marital Bliss: It is beneficial in marriage problems like delay in marriage, finding right partners. This gemstone is ruled by the Venus planet. And, Venus is responsible for marriage.
  • Improve financial status: Zircon also gives financial benefits, it controls and maintains the flow of money and attracts money. Zircon gemstone improves the financial status of the wearer.
  • Makes the wearer creative: It improves many skills of the wearer. It makes the wearer aware and active about their work, duties and responsibilities. Zircon gemstone makes the wearer creative and improves its creativity.

Who can wear Zircon Gemstone:

Anyone can wear zircon gemstone but wearing it is more beneficial for those people whose zodiac signs are Libra, Taurus and cancer. Zircon gemstones give more benefits to these people. On the other hand, wearing it can be more beneficial for those people who are facing problems in marriage. Anyone who has migraine problems, diabetes, urinal problems, reproductive or hormonal problems can wear it. Zircon can be more beneficial for them.

How to wear Zircon Gemstone:

Weight: Zircon gemstone is worn according to body weight. At least 1\10th should wear. For e.g. a person with 70 kg should wear a minimum 7 carat of zircon gemstone.

Colour: Zircon available in many colours but most of the times transparent and colourless zircon are more preferable for astrological benefits.

Finger: Ring finger is good for wearing a zircon ring.

Day and time: For wearing Zircon Friday is considered the best day. Wear zircon on Friday morning after 6 AM and before 9AM.

Metal: Zircon can be worn in any metal but silver or platinum are more beneficial.

Chanting Mantra: If you wear zircon or want to wear zircon, for more benefits you should chant the mantra ‘Om Sumaye Namah’ , ॐ शुं शुक्राय नमः |

Quality of Zircon Gemstone:

Zircon is a semi- precious gemstone and it gives many astrological benefits and for availing best benefits of zircon its quality should be best. If zircon is not original then it will not give astrological benefits. Whenever you wear zircon you have to know about its quality and the quality of the gemstone is measured on the basis of colour, clarity, origin. Zircon is also available in a wide range.  Zircon comes from many countries and different zircon works differently. Natural and effective zircon comes from Ceylon (Sri Lanka). For astrological benefits natural Ceylon zircon which is colourless is preferred.

Price of Zircon Gemstone:

Price of natural zircon depends on the colour, clarity and cut of the zircon. Natural zircon of Ceylon is quite expensive. Its starting range is 1000 per carat. When we talk about origin then Ceylon zircon is more expensive than other zircon origins. When it comes to colour, blue and red zircons are more expensive than colourless or other colour zircons. When we discuss cut then it varies on the wearer it all depends on the jewellery.

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