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Malachite Stone: All the Important information about it

Malachite Stone: All the Important information about it

The Malachite name is derived from a Greek Word “Malache” which means green colour. Its name is malachite because of its green colour. From an ancient time, malachite stone has been used to avail its benefits. In ancient times, Egyptians named malachite as “God stone” because it is used as an amulet for protection from negativity and deaths.

It is connected with the heart chakra and throat chakra. There are many different benefits for which malachite is used. Malachite stone is placed at the entrance of home or office, they negative energies should not enter.

Major benefits of Malachite stone:

Effects on health: All the stones have metaphysical healing properties. Their vibes are effective for curing many health diseases and pain. It reduces the labour pain of the menstrual cycle.

Removes the toxic energies: Malachite removes the toxic energies, all the unwanted energies, negatives energies are removed by the stone. These types of stone are mostly used for removing negativity.

Boost confidence and strength: Wearing a malachite stone or using it can be effective for boosting confidence and strength. The malachite helps to increase the inner strength and power.

Effects on chakra of body: Malachite is connected with the throat chakra and solar plexus chakra. It unlocks the chakra, activates it and also maintains it. Another chakra which has effects is third eye chakra.

Other benefits of malachite: Another purpose for which malachite is used is that it ward off the danger and help to fight against illness, also effective in tissue regeneration, and cures asthma, rheumatic pains.

malachite stone

How to use malachite stone:

Simplest way of using malachite is, lay down then place the malachite stone over your heart, be relaxed, remove all the thoughts from mind. Take breath from nose and release from mouth, close your eyes and let the malachite do their effect. Malachite is connected with the heart chakra. Malachite stone is connected with the heart chakra, wearing a long pendant, necklace or brooch can increase the effect of malachite towards heart chakra.

Malachite stone can be worn and can be kept with you. Keeping a piece of malachite at the working table or study table can improve the focus and concentration. Keeping it in touch with your heart can unlock your chakra, increase love inside you and also increase kindness. All the crystals work similarly, it all depends on the wearer how they want to wear or how they want to use.

Malachite Combos and Their effects:

Malachite + Rose Quartz: If malachite is worn with the rose quartz then it increases the self love and kindness. It can be more beneficial for the people suffering from emotional trauma because of toxic relationships.

Malachite + Lapis Lazuli: Wearing malachite with Lapis lazuli then it helps to cure health disease soon. These two stone combinations create the strong metaphysical vibes to cure diseases.

Malachite + Tiger’s Eye: Malachite is worn with the tiger eye then it increases strength and self confidence.

Malachite + Amethyst: If malachite is worn with the amethyst during meditation then it removes the blockage of self-worth. It unlocks all the upper chakra, and can be effective for focus and calm.

Malachite + Black Tourmaline: Wearing a combo of malachite and black tourmaline can create a strong vibes against negative energies. It can be a good shield against negativity.

Malachite + Red Jasper: Combination of malachite and red jasper is good for emotional balance and grounding. Combo of these two stones improves fertility and gives relief from menstrual cramps.

Malachite + Turquoise: If malachite and turquoise are worn together then it gives relief from anxiety and is more effective for travel anxiety. It also balances the mood swings and emotions.

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