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Best Substitute of Diamond Gemstone: Opal, Zircon and White Sapphire

Best Substitute of Diamond Gemstone: Opal, Zircon and White Sapphire

Opal, White Sapphire and Natural Zircon are the best substitute for diamond for astrology purposes. Diamond is not a normal stone which anyone can wear; it’s a precious, rare and an expensive stone. Diamonds look very beautiful and almost everyone wants to wear them but not everyone can wear them.

Substitute for diamond contains all the similar properties, such as opal, white sapphire and natural zircon. There are many benefits of wearing diamonds as it is effective in attracting finance, for early marriage, strengthening Venus in horoscopes and curing health problems. More than the diamonds, their substitutes are used because of their affordable prices and availability.

Detailed Information of Substitute of diamond:

Opal Gemstone:

substitute of diamond

Opal is a precious stone and known for its play of colour. Opal is one of the most popular substitute of diamond. The name Opal is derived from “Opallus” meaning to see a change in colour. Opal stone has a very wide variety; it is available in many different colours. It is an effective semi-precious gemstone and contains all the benefits of diamond.

This stone is effective in removing delay in marriage; it attracts luxury and finance, gives relief from stress and has properties of curing disease. It is ruled by the planet, it can be used to strengthen Venus in horoscopes. It is the most used substitute of diamond gemstone. And, it is also worn in silver or in white metals.

White Sapphire Gemstone:

substitute of diamond

White sapphire is a clear and transparent stone of the sapphire family. It is also a good substitute for diamond gemstone. White sapphire is also known as safed pukhraj. White sapphire doesn’t have lustre or shine, it has only a clear and transparent appearance. It is ruled by the planet Venus and used as a remedy for it.

It is beneficial in attracting good finance, for removing marriage problems and increasing fame. It is a very transparent and clear stone. Its hardness is 9 which is only 1 point less than diamond hardness. It belongs to the sapphire family; it is also counted in precious stone but also a substitute of diamond gemstone. White sapphire is worn on white metal, you can use any white metal but silver is more preferable.

Natural White Zircon:

substitute of diamond

There is a very major difference between natural white zircon and cubic zirconia, they both look similar. But natural zircon is naturally obtained and cubic zirconia is manmade. For astrology purposes only natural zircon is used. Natural white zircons are a substitute of diamond and have all the similar properties of diamond, white zircon also have other benefits like it can improve self-esteem, boost self confidence, and promote clear thoughts in mind.

For wearing white sapphire, white metals are more preferable. You can use white gold, silver and platinum for wearing white sapphire jewellery. Natural zircon and white zircon have the same looks; you need to be careful while buying natural zircon gemstone.

Moissanite Stone:

Moissanite is very popular these days; it is a very fast selling substitute of Diamond. Moissanite is a lab created stone that looks similar to diamond; it has a hardness of 9.5 on mohs scale. Most of the properties of moissanite and diamond are the same. It is very difficult to find the difference between the two stones with the naked eye.

But moissanite is not a substitute of diamond for astrology purposes. Moissanite is a man made stone so it is not effective or beneficial. It doesn’t have any benefits of ruling the planet. Moissanite is used only for fashion or jewellery purposes. In the price range moissanite is very expensive and can be afford by anyone. It is an evergreen stone; its lustre never fades.

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