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Fluorite Stone: Rainbow Stone With Many Benefits

Fluorite Stone: Rainbow Stone With Many Benefits

Fluorite stone is a semi precious gemstone also known as fluorspar belonging to the halide mineral family. It is found in many varieties in many different colours, blue, green, purple, white, pink, yellow, red even without colourless. It is very beautiful and very high in lustre. Fluorite stone is a beautiful stone and preferred for jewellery purposes but it is also used for healing and protection.

It is worn for removing various health diseases and attracting positive energies. It is most of the time recommended to those people who have concentration problems or unstable minds. More beneficial for those who fall ill easily. It can be worn in any jewellery or can be kept at a place you want. It is a very beautiful stone available in many colours.

How beneficial is Fluorite stone:

Improves the creativity of the wearer: Fluorite stone is a powerful gemstone and good for improving the concentration and creativity. Give a boost to blocked thought and unstable mind.

Beneficial for meditation: The stone gives peace of mind and makes the mind stable. In meditation it is necessary to make your mind stable. So, it is good for meditation, peace and a stable mind.

Beneficial in health issues: Every gemstone has different healing properties. This fluorite stone also has the power to cure various diseases. So, fluorite is worn for curing teeth, lungs, respiratory and other health problems.

Removes negativity: Fluorite stone is a type of healing stone which has some positive energy. It is worn or can be kept at home or working place for removing negative energies and making a positive environment.

Which people are recommended to wear it:

Fluorite stone is a rainbow colour stone; it looks very beautiful and makes the jewellery more beautiful. It is a healing stone and it can be worn or kept in place by anyone who wants. According to western astrology, it is suggested to wear for Capricorn and Pisces ascendants. It can be more beneficial for ill people or those who never maintain their chakra. Good for stress affected people, having a lack of concentration and an unstable mind. It works as a healing and protective stone. It is mostly recommended to those people who fall ill easily, have allergies problems, or mentally unstable. It provides a good and a better direction, environment, stress free mind, and boosts immunity.

Fluorite Stone Quality:

Colour: It is a stone which is available in many colours like green, yellow, pink, green, blue, purple and many other colours. It’s all depending on the wearer which colour they prefer.

Clarity: Fluorite stone is a very clear cabochon surface. Very rarely found those fluorites which have inclusions. Most of the time, Gemstones have normal and minor inclusions on their surface which doesn’t affect astrology purpose.

Cut: Fluorite hardness in mohs scale is 4. Raw and cabochon fluorite is very easily available. But faceted fluorite is very rarely found. Due to its less hardness it is difficult to make a custom shape.

Origin: Fluorite stone is easily available in different origins. For astrology purposes, fluorite that comes from England origin is more preferable and it gives more benefits. Other origin’s fluorites are not so effective.

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