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Green Onyx Benefits and Other Important Information

Green Onyx Benefits and Other Important Information

Green onyx is a semi precious gemstone also known as sulemani and which is mainly used for cleansing of the body. In astrology, it is a substitute of emerald (Panna) and birthstone for July month. Green onyx works as a shield on wearers and promotes good health, financial condition and strength.

Black onyx is associated with root chakra and green onyx is associated with heart chakra. Onyx is available in many colours and shades like black, blue, and green and red. Onyx is a powerful gemstone which has a lot of benefits as it can cure various diseases, boost stamina, increase self control and strength of the wearer. These types of semi precious gemstones are worn or placed at home or work place for a calm environment and attracting positivity.

Benefits of Green onyx:

Promotes better health: Onyx works as a healing gemstone, it has the energy of curing various diseases. The vibes which come from green onyx removes bacteria and cures disease.

Removes negativity: Onyx is a powerful stone and also it is considered a healing and cleansing gemstone which keeps the negativity away and attracts positive energies. Every gemstone has some properties of removing negative energies.

Improves concentration: Onyx gives mental stability and peace of mind which helps to improve the concentration of the wearer. It provides a tension free vibe to the wearer. It makes the mind stable which helps to concentrate on work.

Improve the communication skills: This green onyx is connected with the mercury planet and mercury planet is known as “vaani” language. So, it improves the communication skills of the wearer.

 Who should wear green onyx:

There is no restriction for wearing green onyx; it’s a beautiful green colored stone which totally looks like emerald. It keeps negativity away and is a useful stone for cleansing. Any gender, age, or religion can wear a green onyx ring. Anyone who wanted to wear emerald but not wearing due to any issue can wear green onyx.

It will give similar effects to emeralds. You can wear it in jewellery or keep it at your home, office or wherever you want. Placing it or wearing it can give you many benefits. Those people, who have communication issues, introverted nature should wear it.

How to wear:

While wearing a gemstone you have to take care about many things. Time, date, metal, weight always matter. The most important thing is weight. It is important to find the perfect weight of gemstone which suits your body. Most of the gemstone is worn at least 1/10th of the body weight. For e.g. a person having a body weight 70 k.g. have to wear at least 7 carats.

You can wear it with any jewellery you want, ring, bracelet, pendant or any custom jewellery as per your choice. But silver is a highly preferable metal for onyx jewellery and gold type’s metals are avoided. You can wear it on Wednesday early morning after chanting the mantra of the mercury planet.

Green onyx quality:

green onyx

Quality always doesn’t matter what the product is. But you have to take more care of quality in case of gemstones. Gemstones which are worn for astrology should be natural otherwise it will not affect. Some gemstones come with treatments that are not good for astrology. A gemstone you want to wear should be unheated, untreated and inclusion free or less inclusion included.

Gemstones which have more inclusion black dots are mostly avoided. Origins of gemstone are important; the quality of gemstone is recognized by its origin. There are many countries which produce onyx but the U.S and Brazil are the main countries of onyx, these countries provide the best quality onyx. 

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