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Power of Sun: Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha

Power of Sun: Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha

There are many types of problems in everyone’s life. There are many people facing problems of self confidence, fear and mental stress. And, for solving all their problems, the best solution is twelve mukhi rudraksha. There are many types of rudraksha. Every rudraksha has different benefits and properties.

Rudraksha is a powerful bead and it plays an important role in spiritual life. The number of lines above the Rudraksha is known as Mukhi Rudraksha. This rudraksha has twelve lines or twelve faces as it is known as twelve mukhi rudraksha. It also has many benefits and properties.

Benefits of twelve mukhi rudraksha:

  • Improves self confidence: This rudraksha is very beneficial in improving self confidence.  It makes the wearer powerful, strong and confident as much as a sun planet.
  • Remove Stress: Rudraksha reduces the stress of the wearer. Rudraksha gives mental peace to the wearer. Rudraksha removes unnecessary stress from the mind and gives calm.
  • Health benefits: There are many of the people who have any type of health disease; along with the other benefits it also has many health benefits. It cures Digestive issues, heart and bones problems.
  • Makes wearer fearless: Rudraksha makes the wearer fearless and increases self confidence. It can remove any type of fear like fear of speaking, fear of negative energy and many more.
  • Power of sun: This rudraksha is ruled by planet sun, it makes the wearer strong and powerful as sun. It gives the benefits of self respect, discipline and confidence.

Who can wear twelve mukhi rudraksha:

Rudraksha can be worn by anyone there is no restriction of wearing it. Those people who belong from different caste, religion, background and culture can also wear twelve mukhi rudraksha. But wearing 12 face rudraksha is more beneficial for those people who are affected by the sun. Those people who want to increase self confidence, remove fear or want to be powerful as sun can also wear and avail its benefits. The 12 faced rudraksha is also good for people with the zodiac sign Leo.

Ruling Planet of twelve mukhi rudraksha:

The Sun is considered the most powerful planet among all planets. And, this rudraksha is ruled by planet sun. It makes the wearer as powerful as the sun. It increases the power of leading, self confidence.

How to wear twelve mukhi rudraksha:

There is a perfect method of everything. There is also a best way and method of wearing 12 mukhi rudraksha. This rudraksha is the rudraksha of the most powerful planet Sun. So, Sunday is considered the best day for wearing it. If you want to wear twelve mukhi rudraksha then wear it on Sunday morning before 12PM. Energize it in a temple then you can wear it. You can wear twelve mukhi rudraksha on gold, silver, panchdhatu or silk thread. You can also wear it on a bracelet, in garland or pendant.

Procedure of energize twelve mukhi rudraksha:

Early Sunday morning, go to a temple or worship place in your home. Sit in a clean place in the east direction. Wash your rudraksha bead with raw cow’s milk and then in gangajal. Then chant the mantra “SRI SURYAYE NAMAH” OR “AUM KRAUM SRAUM RAUM NAMAH”. After energizing it you can wear it.

Restrictions for wearer of twelve mukhi rudraksha:

  • Weavers of twelve mukhi rudraksha can’t eat non veg and can’t drink alcohol.
  • Any type of intoxication is restricted to the wearer
  • Remove it in the night before sleeping
  • Before wearing rudraksha in the morning, worship it.
  • Always keep your rudraksha bead neat and clean
  • Never share your rudraksha bead or garland with anyone
  • Don’t let anyone touch it
  • Never wear it on funeral activities
  • Always wash it with raw cow’s milk
  • Avoid Chemical wash 

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