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October Birthstone: Unlimited Variety of Colorful Gemstone

October Birthstone: Unlimited Variety of Colorful Gemstone

There are two October birthstones, one is Opal and another is Tourmaline. These two birthstones contain many effective astrological benefits. Both October birthstones are very colorful and considered to be the most colorful gemstone. Both October birthstones are a mixture of colors and available in different shades.

There are wide varieties of jewelry for October born people. Both October birthstones have different benefits, different properties and different ruling planets. Opal is opaque and shows a reflection of different colors and cabochon in appearance. Tourmaline is a mixture of two colors, mostly translucent and usually faceted. Both of the birthstones have unlimited color combinations. Opals represent Luck and love, tourmaline represent humanity. Both gemstones have only benefits; there are no side effects of these two birthstones. Anyone can wear it and avail its benefits.

Opal Gemstone: Traditional October Birthstone

october birthstone

Traditional October birthstone is opal. Opal gemstone is known for its beautiful colorful appearance and beneficial astrological benefits. While entering the natural lights, opals display a “play of color” called fire. The name Opal is derived from the Sanskrit word upala, after some time it becomes opalus, meaning “play of color”. These October birthstones have a hardness of 5 to 6.5. This is also a substitute for precious gemstone diamonds. It is said that if you are dreaming of an opal which means good luck in coming.  

Benefits of Opal October Birthstone:

Attracts luxury: Opal is an effective gemstone used for attracting good wealth and promoting a luxurious life. Fulfil all the wishes, attract more and more money and provide a luxurious life to its wearer.

Removes delay in marriage: Wearing this removes all the obstacles in marriage, helps in finding a life partner as soon as possible. There is no delay in marriage after wearing it.

Health benefits of opal: Wearing opal gemstones also affects health. It cures many health diseases like liver, kidney and other hormonal diseases. Other varieties of opal cures other disorders.

It strengthens Venus in horoscope: Opal gemstone is ruled by the planet Venus, it is worn by the people having weak or wrongly placed Venus in horoscope. Wearing it can help to protect from the negative effect of Venus, and help to strengthen it.

Tourmaline Gemstone: New October birthstone

october birthstone

Modern October birthstone is tourmaline. The name tourmaline is derived from Sinhalese word toramalli, meaning stone with multi colored. Generally tourmaline comes with two mixed colors. Tourmaline is said to be the most colorful gemstone. It is mostly a mixture of two colors. It is also known as rainbow gemstone. Tourmaline is made up of mixed crystals of aluminium boron silicate. Hardness of tourmaline is between 7 to 7.5. There are also some tourmalines which change their color while daylight changes to artificial light. There are also some tourmalines. Some tourmalines also look different colors while seeing from different angles.

Benefits of Tourmaline October Birthstone:

Work as a shield: All the tourmalines are good for the protection from the negative energies. It works as a shield on the body and environment, removes the negativity and attracts positive vibes.

Removes stress: Wearing it can help you to get rid of mental stress; it removes the entire negative thought, anxiety and tension from mind, provides stability and strong concentration power.

Detoxify body: Some astrologers and gem experts believe that tourmaline has the power of detoxifying the body. It attracts good fortune, positive vibes and brings joy and happiness.

It strengthens Saturn and Mercury: Tourmaline has the power of both Saturn and mercury planets, it is ruled by both planets and gives the benefits of both Saturn and mercury planets.

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