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Birthstone of May: Natural Emerald Gemstone (Panna Ratna)

Birthstone of May: Natural Emerald Gemstone (Panna Ratna)

May is the fifth month of the year and those people who are born in May are very kind hearted. They have very attractive personalities, and they are quick learners. Most of the time May born people avoid complaints. They are very dedicated and serious about their dreams and goals.

May birthstone is Emerald gemstone which is also known as Panna Gemstone. Emerald is a green colored precious gemstone which contains many benefits. Emerald is ruled by planet mercury. Emerald is mainly worn for financial problems, it is also worn for improvement of communication, creativity, wisdom and many more other benefits.

Importance of Emerald Gemstone:

Emerald is a precious green colored gemstone which is also called panna in Hindi. It is green in colour and belongs to the beryl mineral family. It is a very beautiful and attractive gemstone. Its hardness is 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale.

The name emerald is derived from the old French word esmeraude which means green gem.  It is believed that it has the power to make the wearer more creative and intelligent. In ancient times, emeralds were sold by chemists to relieve the pain.

Astrological benefits of Emerald Gemstone:

Save from malefic effect of mercury: Emerald gemstone is ruled by planet mercury. It protects from the effect of wrongly placed mercury and weak mercury gives. Wearing it can strengthen mercury in horoscopes.

Improve creativity and communication skills: Mercury represents the “Vaani-Karaka” in astrology. Wearing it can be effective in speech and communication related problems.

Career and success benefits of emerald: Emerald makes the memory strong and boosts the creativity of the wearer. It brings clarity and thought and makes the mind stable. It also helps to achieve success and goals.

Health benefits of wearing emerald: Wearing gemstones affects your health a lot. Wearing emeralds can be beneficial in curing allergies, respiratory diseases and epilepsy.

Procedure of wearing Emerald:

Carat Weight: Some gemstones are wearing 1/10 of the body weight but emerald gemstones wear 1/12th of the body weight.

Colour: Bright green colored emerald is of good quality and mostly used for astrology.

Metal: Panchdhatu is a good metal for astrology purposes. But except it, gold and silver can also be used.

Finger: For effective result it is worn in the little finger.

Day and Time: Emerald is a mercury planet. So, it is worn on Wednesday. Wednesday morning between 6AM to 9AM is a good time for wearing emeralds.

Chanting mantra: Here is a chanting mantra or mercury planet which you need to chant while wearing emerald ‘Om Budhaya Namah’, ॐ बुधाय नमः

How to energise: For energising emerald gemstone you need to take some raw milk, gangajal and basil leaves. Firstly you need to add raw milk in a bowl and add some basil leaves in it. Then you need to dip your emerald jewellery in it after it dip it in gangajal and chant the mantra ‘Om Budhaya Namah’, ॐ बुधाय नमः 108 times and then pray to god for the full filing the purpose for what you are wearing emerald.

How to check the quality of Emerald Gemstone:

Origin: Quality of a gemstone is generally defined from its origin. Some of the main origins of emerald are Zambia and Colombia. There are many other countries from where emerald is sourced from. But these are the countries which give the best quality of emerald gemstone.

Colour: Generally, emeralds are of green colored but some emeralds are of light green colored Colombia emerald which are of medium quality. And the best quality of emerald looks like translucent to opaque and medium green colored which are good quality.

Clarity: Emerald is natural stone which is mined from earth. Which means they include some inclusions. Emerald comes with some inclusions and black dots. Normal inclusions and black dots do not matter in astrology but more inclusions, cracked emeralds and more and darker black dots can affect astrological benefits.

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