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Red Coral Gemstone: Power of Mars Planet

Red Coral Gemstone: Power of Mars Planet

Red Coral gemstone is a precious gemstone made under sea by marine creatures named polyps. It’s a very effective gemstone in astrology; it is found in red, white and orange colour. This popular gemstone is the gemstone of mars planet, it is opaque in appearance.

This red colored coral gemstone also known as moonga/ munga gemstone. Mars is a powerful planet which can change many things. Mars and Saturn are the most powerful planets in horoscopes. It is very important to stay in the right place in horoscopes, otherwise weak or wrongly placed Saturn and Mars can destroy anyone. 

Coral is good for any type of mangal dosha. It gives many types of benefits as it improves the leading skills of the wearer, gives benefits in real estate works and many other health benefits.

Benefits of Red coral Gemstone:

Good for team management: Red coral gemstone is the gemstone of mars planet improves the leading skills, creativity of the wearer and it also helps to improve the other quality of wearer. Wearers of red coral can be able to manage teams easily.

Benefits in real estate business: Mars planet is known as ‘bhumi karaka’ which rules land and property. It is beneficial in real estate business, land and properties and physical asset management.

Health benefits: Health benefits of red coral is it can cure digestive, circulatory, blood and other health diseases of the wearer. Wearers of red coral get many other health benefits.

Protect for negative results of mars: Coral is ruled by mars planet, this is one of the benefits coral is good for wrongly placing or weak mars in horoscope. It protects the wearer from many other mangal dosh.

Who can wear Red coral gemstone:

Red coral gemstone is considered a powerful and effective gemstone in astrology. It can be worn by anyone who wants. But it is more beneficial for those whose marks are weak in horoscopes and having any type of mangal dosha. There is a dosha named manglik dosha. It happens with those people who are born on Tuesday. This manglik dosha gives problems in marriage; this red coral gemstone is good for those people. Red coral gemstone strengthens mars in horoscopes which gives positive results to the wearer. According to Vedic astrology coral is suggested to Aries and Scorpio, According to western astrology coral is a birthstone for Aries and other suitable ascendants are Sagittarius, Pisces, Cancer and Leo.

How to wear Red Coral gemstone:

Weight: at least 1/10th of the body weight is worn. For e.g. Person having body weight 40 k.g has to wear a minimum 4 carat.

Metal: Silver and gold are the highly preferable metal for red coral gemstone. Otherwise platinum or panchdhatu can also be used.

Finger: Coral ring is worn in ring finger.

Day & Time: Tuesday is the best day for wearing coral gemstones.

Chanting mantra: Chant this mantra 108 times “Om Ang Angarkaya Namah, ॐ अं अंगारकाय नमः”

Quality of red coral gemstone:

Quality of gemstone always matters, it is very important to find the best quality of gemstone, because low quality gemstone doesn’t give positive result or any result. While buying a gemstone it is a must to check its quality, origin, colour, clarity shape and many more other things.

Origin: Coral comes from many countries like Japan, Italy, USA, Taiwan and many others. But for astrological benefits Italian coral is more recommended. Because it gives more and earlier benefits to the wearer.

Colour: Coral is found in red in different shades, orange colour and white colour but most of the time red coral is highly preferable. Every coral is similar but it doesn’t affect the benefits.

Clarity: Coral gemstone is opaque in appearance and it is very important to find the clear coral because some inclusions can affect the benefits. Mostly, clear coral is easily available so it is highly preferable.

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