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Gauri Shankar Rudraksha: Strength of two Goddess in One Bead

Gauri Shankar Rudraksha: Strength of two Goddess in One Bead

Gauri Shankar rudraksha is a type of rudraksha where two rudraksha are attached. This rudraksha bead is heavier and bigger than other rudraksha. Gauri Shankar rudraksha is a very auspicious and effective rudraksha as it has power of both goddess Lord Shiva and Parvati. This rudraksha bead is fused naturally, and worn by the people above age 14.

It is powerful and releases strong vibes so it is suggested not to wear by people less than 14. It is considered to be more beneficial for married couples, as it is a symbol of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Emotionally, mentally and physically it gives all types of benefits. Wearing it can help to reduce Relationship problems, delay marriage, bring coordination and love in relationships and family members.

This rudraksha has faces available in different faces but in this rudraksha faces doesn’t matter, sometimes both of the parts of this rudraksha are equal, sometimes one is large and another is small. But faces and smaller or larger ones do not affect its benefits.

Benefits of wearing Gauri Shankar Rudraksha:

Improve Relationship: Wearing it brings improvement in relationship, any type of relationship problem it can solve; it brings coordination and mutual understanding in relationship.

Effective for married life: Gauri Shankar rudraksha is a fused rudraksha having power of both gods. It is considered an effective bead for married people, as it attracts love and harmony.

Health Benefits: Health benefits of wearing gauri Shankar rudraksha is that its effective metaphysical healing properties can help to conceive baby, infertility, and can cure sexual disease.

Reduce fight and anger: Wearing this rudraksha gives peace to mind, gives relaxation. So, it helps to reduce anger and stress. Wearing it or keeping it at home prevents fights.

gauri shankar rudraksha

Who can wear Gauri Shankar Rudraksha?

There is a restriction of age limit for wearing gauri Shankar rudraksha, only people above age 14 can wear it. Because of its effective and powerful vibes it is not suggested to wear by children under 14. It is suitable for people facing relationship problems, facing problems in conceiving a baby, and always having fights in their home. If this rudraksha is worn for relationship problems then both husband and wife should wear it (if possible). If it is used for family problems, bringing coordination or reducing fights then it can be placed at home and worship daily.

How to Wear:

Rudraksha can be worn in thread or in metal pendant, but black thread should be avoided. Rudraksha should be energised before wearing it. Gauri Shankar rudraksha is more effective if it is worn in german silver. Best day for wearing gauri Shankar rudraksha is Friday. You can wear it in the early morning of Friday after taking a bath and energising it.

Energizing Process: Same as other rudraksha it has the same energizing process. You need to take a bath, sit in a temple or place where you worship at your home. Take some raw cow milk, gangajal, basil leaves, and some incense sticks. Mix basil leave in raw cow milk, dip your rudraksha in milk, then wash it from gangajal, show some incense stick to it after this hold it in your hand and chant the mantra, “ओम ऐं ह्रीम यगल रूपनाय नमः, ॐ गौरि शंकराये नमः” 108 times and pray to fulfil all your requirement for which purpose you are wearing it.

Instructions for the wearer of gauri Shankar rudraksha:

Don’t wear it without energising it

Always wear natural, new and fine bead

Always keep your rudraksha bead neat and clean

Never share your rudraksha with anyone

Keep your rudraksha bead safe from any type of chemical wash

Avoid Non-veg, alcohol and any type of intoxication while wearing it

Never touch it with dirty hands

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