Everything to Know About Opal Gemstone​

Of all the beautiful gemstones that are found, Opal is undoubtedly the most eye-catching owing to its kaleidoscopic, mystical appearance. Opal Gemstone has relatively been in demand, and there are multiple Opal gemstone dealer out there selling this beautiful stone. Opal is significant of hope, innocence, confidence, and purity. These gemstones are believed to bring happiness, beauty, and bliss to the wearer. The birthstone for October is unique in many ways. Most of the gemstones are present as crystals, but Opal, in contrast, is an amorphous gemstone

If you are one of them or want to get to know some interesting facts about this stone and to know more about Opal gemstone dealer, read on further.

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More info About Opal Gemstone ​

  1. How Long Has Opal Been around?
  2. How Is Opal Formed?
  3. What are the different varieties of Opal?
  4. What are the various colours in the Opal gemstone?
  5. Are Opals costly?
  6. What are synthetic Opals and Doublets?
  7. How durable are opals?
  8. Can Opals be used as a Gift?
  9. Opals and Bad luck?

This makes Opal Gemstone very unpredictable when it comes to its shape, colour, and structure. There is a plethora of colours and patterns seen in an Opal, and no two Opals look alike. No wonder opals are always sought for and treasured by jewellers and other gemstone enthusiasts.

How long has Opal been around?​

The term “opal” is derived from the ancient Roman word, opal us, “precious stone.” Since the time of recorded artworks and history, it has been found that the artists and writers have always pondered upon the beauty of the stone. There is evidence that certain artifacts of Opal were present as early as 4000 B.C. in the timeline of human history.

How is Opal Formed?

Exquisite as it is, Opal also takes a fairly long time to form. It is estimated by the opal gemstone dealer that it takes nearly 5 million years to solidify 1cm of Opal! Opal is formed from a solution of silicon dioxide and water in the form of silica gel. While running down through the earth, the water streams pick up silica from sandstone and carry this silica-rich solution into the natural cracks and crevices present in the earth. As the water slowly evaporates, it leaves behind a deposition of silica. When this cycle repeats over very long periods, Opal is formed.

What are the different varieties of Opal?

Opal is mainly classified into two categories- common Opal and precious Opal and both are commonly found with opal gemstone dealer. Common Opal, also known as potch, is a semi-transparent or translucent stone found in any colour and quite attractive. On the other hand, the precious opals are brilliantly coloured or display a play of colour, which means that they show a multidimensional colour display.

What are the various colours in the Opal gemstone?

The common Opal might not display the variety in the pay of colours but the precious Opal spellbinding. It mainly has two major colours- the background colour (due to the impurity in silica) and foreground colour, which shows colour. Although Opals can be found in a plethora of colours, and it is seen that no two opals are identical, black opals are rarest and the most valuable. There are plethora of Opal gemstone dealer who offer Opal in different colours.

Are Opals costly?

Unlike many of the gemstones available in the market by the opal gemstone dealer, opals are left in their original form. The only treatment they may sometimes receive is fracture filling or smoke treatment (used to darken the stone). Thus, processing charges are not that high, but opals have the most accentuated play of colour, making them heavily valued and heavily prized. Boulder Opal is the only stone that displays all the colours of a rainbow inside a single stone.

Hence the common notion about Opal stone price is that they are expensive, but in reality, as stated that all the Opal stone price is stuck to the making, otherwise the price is not very high.

What are synthetic Opals and Doublets?

Since there is a growing demand for Opals seen among the people, Opal started being synthetically made in the 1970s.Sometimes, naturally occurring opals are sliced and adhered to onyx or other such materials to five an image of a bigger opal (doublet). The only problem with the doublet is that it withers in a waterway more quickly than pure Opal.

How durable are opals?

Opal gemstone dealer states that Opals are not crystalline, but they are amorphous. They do not have a crystal structure due to which they are not as hard as the other gemstones and rank 5.5 to 6.5 on ten on Moh’s Scale of Hardness. This undoubtedly makes Opal a fragile beauty, but it will go a long way if you care for it well enough.

Can Opals be used as a Gift?

Opals are wonderful gifts that are offered by opal gemstone dealer. Metaphysically, they are believed to bring about beauty, bliss, and peace in one’s life. It is believed that Opal protects its bearer from all harm and danger. Every month has a birthstone assigned to it, and Opal has been assigned to October. Opal is also an amazing gemstone for individuals who have a zodiac sign Scorpio or Libra. Opal is also officially chosen as the 14th-anniversary gift. One can easily buyOpal stone online without having to worry, as there are multiple Opal Gemstone jewellery dealers who are lounging to sell Opal online.

Opals and Bad luck?

Some believe that buying an Opal for yourself or wearing an opal if it is not your birthstone may negatively influence you. People have reported missing or broken opals in these cases, and more often than not, these superstitions are blamed for it.

Rightly referred to as the “Queen of Gemstones,” Opals are mystic, divine, and highly attractive. They have had a special place in the royal family jewels and are one of the very few substances to be found on Mars!

One can surely buy Opal stone online from the various variety of Opal Gemstone jewellery dealers without having to think twice as well.
Overall, the Opal gemstone has been one of the most popular gemstones sold by the opal gemstone dealer that is used by people. As stated above, one of the biggest USP of them gemstone is definitely the looks of it. However, on the other hand it is also known for a sign of hope. One can surely feel more confident and securing post wearing the Opal gemstone.

One can rely on opal gemstone dealer, to get hands on great quality and genuine Opal.

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