Best Lapis Lazuli Dealer

Lapis lazuli dealer

Best Lapis Lazuli Dealer

There are many gemstone dealers in Delhi.  Finding a lapis lazuli dealer is a very easy task but finding the best lapis lazuli dealer is difficult. All dealers don’t give the quality of gemstone you want. As you know there are many dealers who sell fake gemstones or charge a very high amount of gemstones. Quality of gemstones always matter because gemstones are worn for astrological benefits and if the gemstone will not work then what is the use of wearing it?


 That’s why quality matters in gemstones. Low quality gemstones are not effective or late effective but high quality and natural gemstone effects very fast. But the first thing that comes to our mind is that natural gemstones are too expensive and very difficult to find. No, it is not as difficult as it looks. Here is the best lapis lazuli dealer who deals in natural lapis lazuli at an affordable price.

Explore more about Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a semi precious and blue colored gemstone also known as lajward. This stone is for September born people and also for people with zodiac sign Sagittarius. Like other gemstones it also has many benefits as it is effective in bringing positivity. It makes the mind powerful and improves concentration of the wearer, another benefit of lapis lazuli is it is effective in bringing positivity, able in removing stress and making the wearer’s health better.

Health benefits of lapis lazuli is it can help the wearer to get rid of heart problems, skin diseases, kidney problems, stone issues and many more. Lapis lazuli is the stone of Saturn planet. Lapis lazuli can be worn in a ring pendant or bracelet; it is one of the beautiful gemstones and opaque in appearance. As you read above Saturn rules Lapis lazuli then it is obvious for wearing it Saturday is the best day. 

The best thing about this stone is if you don’t want to wear it you can place it at home or work, without wearing it you can avail its benefits. Size and shape of the lapis lazuli depends on the Jewellery. Mainly, it is worn for removing negativity. 

How to find best lapis lazuli dealer

As you, there are many lapis lazuli dealers but every gemstone doesn’t give original quality. Those dealers are the best who give the quality of gemstones at a low price range. You will get many of the dealers who deal in natural, certified, and original gemstone. The original lapis lazuli is effective, heavy in size, opaque in appearance and blue in color. Here is the lapis lazuli dealer for you.

Shraddha Shree gems deal in lapis lazuli. Here you will get natural, certified, unheated and untreated. Along with lapis lazuli we also deal in other gemstones. If you want to buy original lapis lazuli then you can contact me. Shraddha Shree gems have been dealing in gemstones for a long time. We are the certified and trustworthy lapis lazuli dealer. Now you can buy natural and certified lapis lazuli at an affordable price. We deal in wholesale and retail, in all over India.

How to get genuine Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is one of the effective gemstones. It is wear or place for removing negative energies as it attracts positivity. It is very beneficial in making the wearer’s mind calm, giving mental peace to the wearer, also it is effective in health benefits. Lapis lazuli is not an expensive gemstone, it is easily found. The thing that comes while buying lapis lazuli is originality, there are many of the gemstones who are dealing in fake lapis lazuli but the fake lapis lazuli is not effective.

 The effective lapis lazuli is natural, unheated and untreated. Treating and heating are the two treatments which are done with gemstones, just to change their look and shine. But heated and treated gemstones are less reactive; they are not so beneficial. So if you want to buy

 then buy natural, unheated and untreated. And, you can also contact shraddha shree gems, we deal in natural lapis lazuli.

Shraddha Shree gems always provide a certification of lapis lazuli as a proof of its originality. We always serve the best quality that is why we are known as the best lapis lazuli dealer.


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Shraddha Shree Gems is the best gemstone wholesaler and retailer. We deal in natural and certified gemstone Like blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, emerald, coral, etc. We have been selling since 2012. We only believe for selling unheated and untreated gemstone.

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