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Yellow sapphire or Pukhraj stone is one of the very known stones. However, getting hands on the original Yellow sapphire in Delhi could be challenging. A real Yellow sapphire is heavy, has a crystal-clear body, and is extremely large without any layers. The sapphire gemstone dealers offering original Yellow sapphire  will always have gemstones that are soft and glib inexperience. An original stone will reflect the colour of yellow or oleander.

Brief About Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Yellow Sapphire Dealer is liked by many and is famous for its different appealing colours and cuts. The stone has managed to grab the attention of people due to its bright yellow colour and shine. In astrology, the stone is considered to be extremely auspicious and is supposed to bring good luck to people.

      • Also, with a huge variety of 

    Shraddha Shree Gems, it becomes challenging to realize which stone is authentic and not. Many Yellow sapphire dealer in Delhi make sure to do a thorough physical check in front of the customers before offering the stone to prove the stone’s authenticity. There are multiple checks which can be done, such as:

  • To check the stone’s authenticity, one can always rub it on the wall and see how the stone’s colour becomes finer each time. While rubbing the stone, you realize the stone reflects the two shades of the colours or has a streak of black colour; then it signifies that the stone is completely fake.
  • Another option is to suppress the yellow sapphire stone from the right hand’s index finger and thumb; then, it will slip from the hand if the stone is authentic.
  • Third, the stone can be warmed up, and an original Yellow sapphire will appear in the sun set’s shape.

Physical Properties of Yellow sapphire:

Here are the basic physical properties of the Yellow sapphire stone. Before buying the stone from sapphire gemstone dealers, make sure to check for these physical properties:

Colour: • The colour of an original Yellow sapphire is bright and shiny. The stones with the color of bright Yellow or Lemon, along with great consistency, are more valuable than stones with a little tint of orange, green, or gold colour.

Clarity: A Yellow sapphire gemstone is very clear in its appearance. Also, the Yellow Sapphire dealer in Delhi, offering the clear gemstones, claim that these stones are of high quality, and hence their prices also end up being more.

Carat: The unit to measure gemstones is the carat. There is a direct relationship between the size of the gemstone and the price. The larger the gemstone price, the higher will be the price of the stone. As per the Yellow Sapphire stone dealers, it is claimed that the huge size of the gemstone does increase the chances of contamination. If the Yellow sapphire is big in size and crystal clear, then the stone’s per capita price will increase.

Cut: • Stones get carved in multiple shapes and sizes. A round-shaped Pukhraj is the least in price, whereas a faceted stone will be the highest.

Treatment: There are times when gemstones do go through different treatments, such as heating or colouring processes, to give extra shine to the stone. However, an unheated and intreated stone will always have a higher value than the stone that is lab-created or glass-filled.

The Effect of Yellow Sapphire Stone on Different Areas:

Health: A Yellow sapphire is considered a great stone for health as it helps in curing multiple chronic diseases. The stone gives a strong relief from various joint pain, piles, fever and cough, bone diseases, lung diseases, etc. The other chronic diseases that can get cured through the stone are – blood-related issues, cholera, heart problems, dysentery, kidney problems, etc. If an individual is suffering from a bad mouth odour, they can put the stone in their mouth, as the stone will aid in reducing the bad odour from the mouth. The Yellow sapphire dealer also helps in improving the mental stability of people. If you are suffering from concentration issues, then this problem can be solved with the stone’s help. Overall, the Yellow sapphire gemstone helps in bringing mental stability to the lives of people.
Relationships: Jupiter is considered the planet for relationships and makes the married life or any relationship happier. A Yellow sapphire stone helps the wearer from any dangers or accidents while travelling. The Pukhraj stone stands for friendship, love, and harmony. 
 Career: As per searches, it is said that a Yellow Sapphire dealer helps in bringing luck to the career. Especially people who are in the fields of legal, education, public service, or army should wear this stone throughout. The stone helps in giving huge successes to the people in their professional lives. Also, writers looking forward to great money and fame should wear the stone on their index fingers.  
 Yellow Sapphire Quality: The Yellow Sapphire stone dealers claim that not all crystal-clear stones are authentic. Even the most natural gemstones do have a certain number of inclusions in them. The stones that are made in labs and synthetically are from the inclusions and are flawless. 
How to Wear a Yellow Sapphire Stone: This stone is considered the stone of Jupiter and belongs to ‘Thursday.’ Hence, one should wear the Yellow sapphire on Thursday. The stone should be worn on the index finger of the right hand. Men should wear the stone in their right hand. Women have the luxury of wearing it in any hand, left or right. People can also wear the stone as a pendant. Especially on Thursday mornings, take a shower and sit in front of a temple at home in the ‘Asan’ pose. Place the stone at the temple and then sprinkle Gangajal on it. For two minutes, pray to god to fulfil all your dreams, and thank god for everything you have today. Post this; one can wear the stone on the index finger.

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