Best Blue Sapphire Dealer or wholesaler


Best Blue Sapphire Dealer And Wholesaler

Blue sapphire dealers are found in every corner. But they don’t provide the good quality you want. Blue Sapphire is considered a very good and beneficial stone. Its demand is very high in the market but it is very difficult to find Blue Sapphire dealers. Most of the dealers give you fake or heated and treated neelam due to which it either takes effect late or doesn’t effect at all.

Find a blue sapphire dealer who is certified, deals in original neelam gemstone and deals from a long time. The quality of Neelam stone you want is now very easy to get. Now, buy a genuine product with perfect quality. Here is a best blue sapphire dealer for you which is certified dealer. We supply gemstone across India. 

What is blue sapphire?

Blue sapphire is one of the hardest and precious gemstones belonging to the corundum mineral family. Neelam is known as the most effective gemstone in all gemstones. Neelam gemstone has many benefits. Blue sapphire gemstones are less hard than Diamond. Along with Beauty it is also worn for astrological benefits. It is also known as Neelam stone in Hindi. It is considered as the fastest effective gemstone. It looks very pretty. For wearing Neelam Gemstone silver is highly recommended and gold is voided. Neelam stone is ruled by Saturn Planet. It is a stone of September born people. The Neelam gemstone is considered as a good luck gemstone.


There are many benefits of Neelam gemstone. People who are facing bad times should wear blue sapphire. Neelam is able to change bad luck into good luck.  People with zodiac sign Aries can wear blue sapphire stone for effective results. There are also many health benefits of Neelam gemstone as it can cure anxiety or tension.  Wearing it can protect the wearer from mishaps. Blue sapphire can be worn in a ring or in a pendant. Neelam is effective for Sade sati period. People who have malefic effects of Saturn should wear it for more benefits and effective results. 

How to find best Blue sapphire dealer (wholesaler):

Most difficult task is how to find the best Blue sapphire dealer. All a customer needs is good quality at the lowest price. Here we are giving the best quality of Neelam. Shraddha Shree gems has been dealing in gemstones for the last nine years. And, we are giving the best quality of product. Along with good quality we provide the certificate of natural gemstone. The best thing about us is we deal in wholesale and also in retail. Neelam of Shraddha shree gems are lab certified and natural. Now get a top quality blue sapphire gemstone from a best blue sapphire dealer. 

Which country provides the best blue sapphire gemstone:

There are many countries with blue sapphire gemstones. Sri Lanka, Bangkok and also Kashmir. We deal in blue sapphire gemstones of all countries. Neelam of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) is heated and treated. So it is not more effective and Blue sapphire of Bangkok is unheated and untreated. So, it is more effective for astrological benefits. 

How to find Genuine Blue sapphire:

Blue sapphire is worn for astrological benefits. So, natural neelam is more effective than heated and treated Neelam. Heated and treated are the two processes through which blue sapphire goes. Gemstones are heated and treated just to change the look and shine of a gemstone but it is not considered as an effective gemstone. So natural gemstones are more preferable. A best blue sapphire dealer always deals in natural Neelam stone. Shraddha shree gems always deal in natural blue sapphire.

Where can you find all type of blue sapphire:

As you read above, There are three types of Neelam you will find. First one is Bangkok Neelam, second one is Ceylon (Sri Lanka), and the third one is Kashmir blue sapphire. Neelam from Bangkok is effective and less expensive. Ceylon Neelam stone is heated and treated. Kashmir Neelam is most effective and the most expensive. And, from Shraddha Shree Gems deals in all three types of Neelam. Here you can find any type of gemstone with a perfect quality at an affordable price range. 

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