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How emerald gemstone is important in life of bollywood celebrities:

How emerald gemstone is important in life of bollywood celebrities:

Emerald gemstone is a precious and effective gemstone belongs to beryl mineral family and also known as panna ratna in Hindi. Emerald is a sensitive gemstone having 7 hardness on mohs scale, contains strong benefits. Emerald is connected with mercury planet, so it is worn by the people having weak or wrongly placed mercury in their horoscope. Mercury is the planet of “Vaani”.

Strong mercury in horoscope improves oratory skills and communication skills. The other benefits of emerald gemstone gives is it improve the financial status, social status, creativity and imagination. The health benefits it gives are that it reduces headache, improves respiratory system, improves eyesight, and cures allergies. It is mostly worn in little finger because mercury mount is located in just below of little finger. 

Celebrities in Bollywood are counted as successful people, they are considered to be happy and stress free people. Most of the people in the Bollywood industry have worn different gemstones and spiritual items. Gemstone can be one of the reasons for their successful life and good professional life.

Celebrities have worn different gemstones according to their needs. From all the gemstones and all celebrities, some of the celebrities have worn emerald gemstones. Emerald gemstone plays an important role in their life and helps them to achieve everything they want.

List of celebrities who wear emerald gemstone:

Ekta Kapoor

Shilpa shetty

Abhishek Bachchan

Zareen Khan

Why they are wearing emerald gemstone and how it is beneficial for them:

Ekta Kapoor:

Ekta kapoor is a famous TV personality loved by all the Indian women. She is the woman whose T.V serial is very famous in india. Their serials go on for years and people like them a lot. Ekta Kapoor is wearing many gemstone mala bracelets; one of them is a stone emerald. Emerald makes her health better; improves their creativity and her imagination which helps her to direct all the Indian TV serials. All the support she needs in her life she gets and now doing a very good performance.

Shilpa Shetty:

emerald gemstone

Shilpa shetty has done a lot of movies in her working time. All the movies made by her were super hits. Shilpa shetty faced a lot of depression and sadness in her life, after having so many problems; he wore Emerald Gemstone at the behest of his mother which leads her to a happy and successful life. Emerald removes mental stress and sadness from her life gives her positivity and a successful career. Now she is living happily and staying healthy.

Abhishek Bachchan:

emerald gemstone

Abhishek Bachchan is the son of Big B (Amitabh Bachchan). Everything was good in his life but he needed to struggle for his career and success. He  is the son of a famous actor but his hard work always matters, after entering in bollywood he did many movies but all movies are not so hit, here he wore emerald gemstone, which helps him to achieve success in his life. After wearing emerald gemstone he did many movies, all were hits and he got the most beautiful wife, Aishwarya rai. Everything is now perfect in his life.

Zareen Khan:

emerald gemstone

Zareen khan has faced a lot of struggle in her life. After completing her studies she lost her father and she was the elder child of her house. She worked hard to earn money and run her household. Here she wore the emerald gemstone and achieved success in her life. Emerald helps her to achieve success in life, removes her financial problem, makes her health better and achieves what she wants. Also it helps to improve her work and her stability.

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