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Moissanite or cubic zirconia:Which is best for you

Moissanite or cubic zirconia:Which is best for you

Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia both are lab created and both are substitutes of diamond. Diamond is one of the beautiful gemstones, everyone wants to wear it but it is not possible for everyone to afford it. So, here are the substitutes of diamond: moissanite and cubic zirconia. Moissanite and Zircon both look the same in appearance but scientifically there is a lot of difference between the two.

Both stones are used for fashion purposes or in jewellery. Diamond is basically a gemstone and used for astrology purposes. Due to its rare and expensive, people have made it a hobby to wear it. Moissanite has been considered as the best substitute of Diamond for Astrology Purpose. Cubic Zirconia is only good for jewellery and has no importance in astrology.

Diamond properties are not in cubic zirconia, but most properties are in Moissanite. Astrology or fashion, Moissanite is considered to be the best substitute of diamond for every purpose. Cubic Zirconia looks similar to diamond; otherwise it is just a normal stone. It is very difficult to find the difference among diamond, moissanite and cubic zirconia. These three stones look but contain different metaphysical properties.



The first person who discovered moissanite was Henry Moissan in 1893. Chemical which is used to make moissanite is silicon carbide. This is the second hardest stone used for jewellery making after diamond. Its hardness is 9.25. It have all the properties of diamond, but only one difference. Good for using it as a substitute for diamonds. Moissanite reflects yellow and green colour while keeping it in natural sunlight. It is an evergreen stone, as its colour never fades. It never reacts, nor with water nor with other liquid.

It is impossible to find the difference between diamond and moissanite with the naked eye. Its jewellery can be worn daily, its shine lasts a lifetime and there is no risk of scratches or breakage. This stone also has different qualities, and is available in different colours; Colourful Moissanite never loses its colour.

It is reliable and durable as you can wear it daily and it has a high lustre and shine that you can also wear on special occasions. Moissanite is given so much preference because it is a one time investment, that means its colour and lustre is never lost, it is not affected by water or any other liquid, and Due to its high hardness, there is no fear of breaking it.

Cubic Zirconia:


Cubic zirconia was firstly discovered in 1930. The chemical used to make cubic zirconia is zirconium oxide, which is a mixture of zirconium and oxygen. Cubic Zirconia is a very cheap stone and is easily available in the market; this is what is done in the cheap jewellery available in the market.

Zircon has a shine but it fades after some time. The best way to check the cubic zircon, keep it under natural light. If it reflects colourful reflection then it clarifies that it is not a real diamond. Cubic zirconia loses its colour after some days of using it; it also reacts with other liquids, it should be better to remove zirconia jewellery while doing water activities.

Cubic Zirconia never contains the metaphysical properties of natural diamond or lab created diamond. On Average, the lustre of cubic zirconia lasts 2 to 3 years after it becomes cloudy. Cubic zirconia is fine for heavy jewellery and if you have a low budget, cubic zirconia is cheaper than moissanite. There is no good or bad quality of cubic zirconia, or the price is not high, it is easily available in any nearby shop.

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