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Full Details of Star Ruby (Surya Kant Manik)

Full Details of Star Ruby (Surya Kant Manik)

Star Ruby is a very rare variety of ruby gemstone. It reflects a star effect under the light; this visual effect is known as “Asterism”. It is considered to be a strong healing gemstone for its amazing astrological benefits. Ruby is connected with planet Sun, as it is ruled by it. This star ruby which has a star like reflection is not easily available in the market and it is also expensive due to its rareness. This star ruby is not different from other rubies, but it is their own variety. Like the rest of the ruby, it also has advantages and other properties are also similar. There is no difference between wearing normal ruby and star ruby.

Benefits of Wearing Star Ruby:

Improve leadership quality: Ruby is ruled by Sun, Sun is the leader planet. So the wearer of star ruby gets all the quality of planet sun which improves leadership quality, loyalty and fame. It should be worn by those people who have the work of leading, such as a lead or management work. In such tasks, Ruby has to make her wearer a leader like Sun.

Boost confidence and attract positivity: Weak Sun in horoscopes can lead to low confidence here wearing a star ruby helps the person to boost their self-confidence and self esteem, attracts all the positive vibes and boost needs for confidence. Ruby makes the person strong, bold, and it generates a positive attitude in its wearer.

Get rid of sleeping disorders: Star ruby is effective for people facing problems of lack of sleep, having anxiety and depression, it attracts peace and calmness, reduces depression. In today’s time, everyone is suffering from things like tension, anxiety and depression, their tension has blown their need, so Ruby can help them in sleeping and working tension.

Good for Physical benefits: Wearing a star ruby can also help its wearer to get health benefits. Some of the benefits which its wearer get is that it protects from psychic attack, mental trauma and cures disease related to bone, heart and eye problems.

Strengthen sun in horoscope: Ruby is highly recommended to the people having weak sun in their horoscope. Weak sun or wrongly placed sun in horoscope can give many negative effects and wearing ruby can protect from its bad effects and strengthen sun in horoscope. A weak house or a house sitting in the wrong place gives mental as well as physical problems. So to avoid the physical problems of the Sun, the star Ruby was the perfect gemstone

Improve relationship between father and son: Weak sun in horoscope can lead to a bad coordination between father and son, increase misunderstanding and fights. But star ruby can help them to reduce these issues and increase love and coordination between father and son. The Sun is considered to be the father planet of all planets; therefore it’s sitting in the wrong place attracts fight with father.

Star Ruby

Who can wear star ruby:

Star ruby is a beautiful gemstone, makes rings and pendant more adorable and attractive. Anyone who wants to wear star ruby can wear it on a ring or pendant. But for astrology purposes star ruby is worn by the people having weak sun or wrongly placed sun in their horoscope. On the other side, people want to improve their leadership quality, for reducing fights between father and son, and health benefits can wear star ruby and avail its benefits. Ruby is also beneficial for the people having zodiac signs Aries, Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius.

How to wear star ruby:

Colour: Usually star ruby is pink colored, pink star ruby is perfect. Red ruby or other colour ruby is not good and not used for astrology purposes. Pink star ruby is natural and best for astrology. The colour of a natural and good ruby is pink, so when buying a ruby for astrology, take special care that the ruby is of pink colour.

Metal: Getting the metal right is very important to take full advantage of the gemstone, different gemstones have different suitable metals and those gemstones are worn in the same metal. Ruby is a pink colored stone and it looks good in every metal, in addition to looking good, it is suitable in every metal. Ruby can be worn in any metal and it gives the same benefits in every metal.

Finger: Fingers are very important in astrology because there is a mount of planets under each finger, as you read above that the ruling planet of ruby is the Sun and heard that the mount of sun is exactly below the ring finger, so the ring of ruby is worn in the ring finger.

Day and Time: Sun’s day is on Sunday, so wearing Ruby on Sunday is considered auspicious. It is considered best to wear it during the Shukla Paksha between 5 am to 7 pm.

Carat weight: It is necessary to wear any Gemstone in a Quantity because the effect of Gemstone depends on the Quantity, if Gemstone is worn in more Quantity then it gives more benefits sooner and same if Gemstone is worn in work Quantity then it will be late and works effect. Either it is a good quantity or a good quality, if the stone is of good quality and the work weight is worn then it will give a good effect or if the quality of the fur gemstone is poor and in more quantity then it will give effect, so while wearing the gemstone, quantity and quality both matters.

How to Energise: Gemstones have planets and God’s powers, but to activate these powers, a worship path is necessary, which we also call the energising process. First of all you have to take bath in the morning and go to the temple of sit in a quiet place of your house and keep your ruby ring or pendant in your hand and light 5 incense sticks around it and rotate it 11 times and chant “Om Surya Namah (ॐ सूर्याय नम:)” Mantra. Now you can wear and avail its benefits.

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