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Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha:

Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha:

Thirteen mukhi rudraksha is a rudraksha with thirteen faces. Rudraksha comes in different faces and different benefits.  Rudraksha plays a very important role in spiritual life. It is a powerful bead which makes the wearer strong, confident and gives many other astrological benefits.

Rudraksha comes from Nepal and Indonesia. But Nepali rudraksha is considered the best rudraksha for astrological benefits. Thirteen mukhi rudraksha is worn for malefic effects of Venus and moon planet.

This thirteen mukhi rudraksha is the rudraksha of Lord Indra or Kaamdev. This rudraksha helps the wearer to attain all its desires and gives a peaceful life to the wearer.

Benefits of thirteen mukhi rudraksha:

  • Makes the wearer confident: This rudraksha gives energy and power to the wearer who makes the wearer confident and extrovert. It brings self confidence in doing work for the wearer.
  • Best for luxurious life: Thirteen mukhi rudraksha helps the wearer to attract money and reduce unnecessary expenses and gives you a luxurious life. It makes financial conditions better than before.
  • Health benefits: There are many health benefits of thirteen mukhi rudraksha is able to cure various diseases related to infertility, any type of reproductive organ and various pain.
  • Remove malefic effects: This rudraksha is ruled by planet Venus and moon. It protects the wearer from negative effects of Venus and moon. It gives the positive effect of planet Venus and the moon.

Who can wear thirteen mukhi rudraksha:

Anyone can wear thirteen mukhi rudraksha. There is no restriction of wearing rudraksha, people with different caste, religion, background and culture can wear rudraksha. But it is more beneficial for those people whose Venus and Moon are at the wrong place in horoscopes. Those people who are facing fertility problems, other health issues, want luxurious life can wear rudraksha for more effective results.

Ruling planet of thirteen mukhi rudraksha:

This rudraksha is ruled by two planets, the Moon and Venus.  It is recommended to those people whose Venus and moon are wrongly placed in horoscopes. Venus is the planet of harmony, beauty, affection and love. On the other side, the moon is the planet of peace, calm and mood. These two planets give many negative results. It is better to protect from the negative effects of Venus and Moon.

How to wear thirteen mukhi rudraksha:

There is a best way of wearing rudraksha.  It is compulsory to energize rudraksha before wearing it. So, if you want to wear rudraksha then wear it on Friday morning. You can wear it on a pendant, rudraksha, and ring or keep it at home at the place of worship. You can wear it on gold, silver panchdhatu or silk thread.

Procedure of energizing thirteen mukhi rudraksha:

For wearing rudraksha, one must energize it before wearing it. On Friday morning, after taking a bath, go to a temple and or sit at the worship place of your house. Wash your rudraksha in raw cow’s milk and then in gangajal, offer it an incense stick and then chant it and pray for your desires. After having all these processes you can wear it. For chanting thirteen mukhi rudraksha you can chant this mantra “OM HREEM NAMAH” “OM KELEEM KAMADEVAYE NAMAH”

Restrictions for thirteen mukhi rudraksha:

  • Person who wears rudraksha can’t eat non-veg
  • Any type of intoxication is restricted for the wearer
  • Drinking and smoking is not allowed for those people who wear rudraksha
  • Never share your rudraksha bead with anyone
  • Never let anyone touch it
  • Remove rudraksha in night while sleeping
  • Worship it daily, worship rudraksha before wearing rudraksha in morning
  • Never wear rudraksha in funeral activities
  • Always keep your rudraksha bead neat and clean
  • Avoid chemical wash for washing rudraksha

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