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Difference between Ruby and Pink Sapphire

Difference between Ruby and Pink Sapphire

Ruby gemstone and Pink sapphire are different stones, they just look similar. Just like everything that glitters is not gold, every pink stone is not a ruby; some pink stone is a sapphire too. Ruby and Pink sapphire both belong to the same family, the corundum mineral family. Both stones have different benefits, different birth months and different properties. Ruby is the birthstone for July month and sapphire is birthstone for September month. Ruby in pinkish- red in colour and pink sapphire is only pink. Ruby is known as manic and pink sapphire is known as gulabi pukhraj.

Ruby Gemstone:

ruby gemstone

Ruby is considered to be the king of all gemstones, as it is ruled by the king planet Sun. Ruby is also known as manik and it is pink or pigeon red in colour. There are many astrological benefits of wearing Ruby gemstone. Ruby gemstone is ruled by the planet sun, as it contains all the powers and properties of the sun. Ruby gemstone is considered to be the most expensive gemstone.

Some of the main benefits of ruby gemstone:

Improve leadership quality: Ruby Gemstone is ruled by Sun Planet, Sun Planet is said to be the leader of all planets. The only advantage of wearing ruby is that it improves leadership qualities.

Boost confidence level: There are many benefits of wearing ruby; one of them is that it increases the confidence of its wearer. It is good for boosting self confidence and also increases self esteem.

Strengthen sun in horoscope: In the horoscope of many people, the Sun is sitting in the wrong place or is weak, so they have to face many negative effects, the advantage of wearing ruby is that it protects from the negative effects of the Sun.

Increase coordination between father and son: This is one of the negative benefits of weak or wrongly sun that it increases fights. But this Ruby Gemstone ends this fight and misunderstanding between father and son and promotes coordination, understanding and love between father and son.

How to wear a ruby gemstone:

Ruby is associated with planet sun, so Sunday is considered to be the perfect day for wearing ruby gemstone, it is worn early morning between 5 to 7 AM.  Sun mount is located just below the ring finger, so a ruby ring is worn in the ring finger, and a pendant can also be worn. There is another thing that is metal, so there is no restriction for metal for ruby jewellery, any metal which is suitable to its wearer can be preferred by them as per their choice.

Who can wear ruby gemstone:

Ruby is a very charming gemstone, its jewellery everyone wants to wear. Ruby does not have any negative effect, so anyone who wants to wear it can wear it. Ruby is recommended for the purpose of astrology, those people whose Sun is weak in their horoscope, sitting in the wrong place or giving negative effects. Apart from these things, ruby should be worn by those people who do management work, who have to lead the team, in whose house the relationship between father and son is not good. In such a situation, wearing a ruby will give them many benefits.

Pink Sapphire:

pink sapphire

Pink sapphire is one of the beautiful gemstones having pink colour and lustre. Pink sapphire is a type of sapphire belonging to the corundum mineral family. Ruling planet of pink sapphire is the sun. Because of its beautiful colour and high lustre it is mostly preferred in jewelries. But it has many amazing astrological benefits. Pink sapphire is more expensive than ruby gemstone.

Benefits of Pink Sapphire:

Attracts success in career: Pink sapphire helps in improving intelligence skills and it attracts success in professional and academic career. It is more beneficial for students and working people because it will help them to achieve what they are struggling for.

Improve financial and social status: Pink Sapphire has many properties, one of these properties is that it improves the social status, that is, it increases the reputation created in the society and attracts money.

Health benefits: Pink Sapphire has a very important role in curing health disease and also in having good health. Some of the metaphysical properties of pink sapphire are that it protects the wearer from heart disease, improves the digestive system and promotes a healthy living.

Other benefits: Some other benefits that the wearer of Pink Sapphire experience is that it increases energy in the body, promotes a positive confidence and self-esteem. Removes the laziness and makes the wearer active.

Who can wear a pink sapphire:

Pink Sapphire is a very attractive gemstone, anyone can wear jewellery made from it, there is no negative effect, so whoever wants to wear it for the purpose of fashion or for the purpose of fur astrology, they can wear it. If someone wants to wear it for its benefit, then those people who are students or working people can wear it because it will help them to achieve their goals and make them successful quickly.

How to wear a pink sapphire:

Jewelries of pink sapphire can be worn whenever its wearer needs and wants. But if worn for astrology, it is considered auspicious to wear Pink Sapphire on Sunday because its ruling planet is Sun and Sun’s day is Sunday. If there is a mount of Sun under the ring finger, then wearing Pink Sapphire in the ring finger will be more beneficial. All metals are suitable and good for wearing pink sapphire and any weight of gemstone can be worn. 

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